Wrap it for Free

I found this great little bit of info from a magazine. (sorry I don’t know which one, I just cut out the little box)

I know the holidays are over but these will last all year long.

Instead of spending money on gift wrap, package gifts with stuff you already have. Just add ribbon and a thoughtful note.

You’ve got…

An empty chocolate – chip cookie box – Insert the gift and write, “To the smartest cookie I know.”

A shoebox – Add a card that says,”There’s no one who could fill your shoes.”

Old CDs – Tape a small gift between the two CDs and write, “You rock my world.”

A cracked container – For a funny friend, write, “You crack me up.”

Can you think of anymore?


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  1. These are really cute ideas. I've used old checkbook boxes as gift boxes for earrings and other small items. Maybe "check this out?"

  2. Stockpiling Mom says:

    Love these ideas!!! I often use a sand bucket that I get for pennies at the Dollar General in September….or a backpack that I get for free at Meijer!

    Following you from MBC!

    Stop by my blog when you get a chance.