Developments in Skin Cancer Prevention and Dermatology


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Skin cancer occurs when cells on the epidermal layer, develop abnormally to become visible growths on the skin. People are generally apprehensive about whether to avoid the sun, or bask in it. Vitamin D in the body is naturally synthesized by the sun, although it is a fact that tanning, which comes about from exposure to ultra violet light is harmful to the skin. Mayoral Dermatology specializes in ways to protect individuals and prevent any issues that may lead to skin cancer.


How to Prevent Skin Cancer from Developing

The sun’s rays are hottest during the hours of 11AM to 4PM. At this time, the UV index is usually more than 3, which is high on the UV scale. Mayoral Dermatology, advises against exposure to the sun during these hours, because of the direct harm it has on the skin. Even during cloudy or hazy days, the sun’s rays can reflect off cement, water and light surfaces. Using an umbrella to deflect the rays can reduce the risks of individuals getting skin cancer.


Hats and Headwear

A hat can be an effective tool in protecting the face, ears and neck regions. It works better if it has a brim. Canvas is tightly woven and is typically best fabric to use when trying to shield away UV radiation. Decorative hats that have holes are not effective in preventing the sun’s rays from seeping through. Baseball hats are not sufficient enough to shield away radiation as it is important to cover the ears and neck regions too.


Protective Eyewear

It is necessary to wear sunglasses when outdoors because they are effective in preventing the formation of cataracts. The skin around the eye is very delicate, and any harsh exposure to the sun can cause it to sag and cause wrinkles. Sunglasses should have the UVA and UVB designation on them, as this offers the best protection from radiation. Wrap-around sunglasses are preferred as they block entry of sun rays on all sides.


Full-Body Coverage

Clothing on the body should cover arms and legs, as these are the most vulnerable areas. Cotton is usually the most preferred fabric, because it is woven tightly. Materials that absorb water quickly or those that allow light penetration will not do much in protecting individuals from the sun.


Avoid Tanning Beds

The dangers posed by tanning booths, and salons are widely known and visiting these locations has decreased over the last decade. Some tanning beds are to emit twice the amount of radiation than that of the sun. This can result in premature aging, sunburn and skin cancer.


Protection for Children

Children should be protected early on. Most damage from the sun’s radiation occurs at a young age.  Children under the age of 1 should not be exposed to unnecessary sunlight. At the age of 6 months, infants should have sunscreen used on their skin. When outdoors, children should have their arms and legs covered to limit the amount of sunlight they are exposed to. Even when in water, waterproof sunscreen should be utilized because water can absorb the sun’s rays easily.


Any moles that one has on their skin should be monitored regularly for any changes in color, and size. A sore that does not heal should be reported to a doctor for further investigation. Parts of the skin that are discolored or are bumpy should not be disregarded as they may point to serious skin conditions.


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  1. My husband has several dysplastic nevi and has to go at least once a year to the dermatologist. He had a young niece who had skin cancer. Fortunately it was caught in time.

  2. I have a sun sensitivity (my mom is actually allergic) as well as photophobia, so I try to avoid it much as I can. These are great and important tips.

  3. I have to admit that I was pretty careless about Sun exposure for most of my life. It’s only in the past few years that I’ve made an effort to protect myself.

  4. I recently learned that eyelid skin cancer is common…and I had never heard of it before!

  5. I had no idea that from 11 – 4 the rays were at the strongest. I thought it was only from 11 – 2.

  6. We wear a lot of hats!

  7. We are VERY pale in our family so we avoid the sun for the majority of the day.

  8. I am very, very pale and so are my younger two. My older two children have beautiful olive coloring and they walk outside and bronze immediately, with our without sunscreen. I tend to stay out of the sun as much as possible, it’s just not enjoyable for me to be in heat too long.

  9. I am fair skinned. I am also sensitive to sunscreens. They make me itch so I just avoid the hot sun altogether. I wear sunglasses, use all kinds of hats and stay out of midday sun as much as possible.

  10. oooh this is very informative sharing!! Thank you!!

  11. Awareness is so important!

  12. My mom is a skin cancer survivor. I am militant about sun protection as a result. Thanks for spreading awareness!

  13. I am not a hat person, but they are so helpful in keeping the sun off your head & face.

  14. I’m a total freak about applying sunscreen, but this shows me there’s definitely more I could be doing!

  15. It’s great to see I am taking the necessary precautions when it comes to sun protection!

  16. People always forget to protect their head from the sun!! So important!

  17. This reminds me I need to invest in prescription sunglasses. This entire pregnancy I have given up my contacts and wear my glasses 100% of the time, which also means I never wear sunglasses anymore.

  18. It’s good to know that the rays are worst between 11-4 pm. We never go outside without being protected. My boys always wear rash guards and we always have a good spf sunblock.

  19. Skin cancer runs in my family, so I have to be extra careful. Thanks for the great info!

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  23. I have been avoiding the sun for years to prevent this.

  24. Considering that I wear glasses I always make sure to get some type of protective coating with my prescription.

  25. Some people do not realize how important it is to wear sunglasses.

  26. Make sure you protect your eyes and your lips too!

  27. We wear sunglasses, hats, and lots of sunscreen since we live in california.

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