Favorite Holiday Movies

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At this time of year there are so many fun movies to watch. My all time favorite is Elf. I was never a huge Will Ferrell fan until I watch Elf for the first time. I just adore that movie and can watch it year round. My favorite part is, well there are a few. When Buddy sees a regular sized toilet and shouts, Wow these are gianormous! That’s a favorite word now. hen when he’s in the department store and he starts singing. Oh and I can’t forget the part when picks the gum off the rails and eats it. His facial expression in so real.


The Grinch

Another favorite is The Grinch. Jim Carry is such a talent in any movie he does. You do have to like his humor though. I really like his movie Popper’s Penguins and look forward to watching that again soon. I think I like Jim Carry more as he gets older…


The Santa Clause

I can’t forget to add The Santa Clause movies. I love Tim Allen and he plays a great role in these movies. I think the first one is still my favorite but they are all really fun to watch.  We have satellite for our television viewing but I’m interested in switching  our services to something similar to MyBlueDish. It’s hard to switch when you’ve had a service for so long. But times are a changing. I’d like a new TV that has internet and I could go line with it. How cool is that?

A Christmas Story

So my last all time favorite holiday classic is A Christmas Story. I mean how can the holidays go by without watching this movie! I love when Ralphie comes downstairs in the rabbit jammies. Or when he swears after his dad when they are changing the tire! There are so many great parts!


                                                                           What is your favorite Holiday Movie?




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  1. I really love The Grinch with Jim Carry as well, it is one of my favorite holiday movies now!!! To me it is a movie I have to watch each year :-)!

  2. I do love all of those, and I have a fondness for Home Alone too!

  3. 1.Christmas Story
    2. National Lampoon’s Christmas
    3. Nightmare Before Christmas
    4. Elf

  4. I really like ELF but I also adore Christmas Vacation! We watched it the other night and were laughing like crazy! Of course, I love The Charlie Brown Christmas Special and all the ‘old school’ kid classics like Rudolph, etc.

  5. My kids love Elf

  6. We watch all of those every Christmas! My favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story.

  7. Mine is It’s a Wonderful Life…one of the best movies ever!

  8. Oh we do love Elf that’s a fun one – we like the Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey too.

  9. Elf is a really cute movie!

  10. I love the Nat’l Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! But It’s A Wonderful Life is at the top of my list. 🙂

  11. I could watch Elf and Christmas Vacation several times during the holidays and never get tired of them!

  12. Christmas Vacation is one of my favorites!

  13. Elf is FAR and away our FAVORITE Christmas movie — no matter how many times I watch, I still laugh and laugh and laugh!

  14. Year after year, I don’t feel like it’s really Christmas until I watch “White Christmas.” And my son seems to love musicals, so it’s fun watching him dance around during the numbers.

  15. I love every single one of those as well as The Santa Clause series, A Christmas Carol….I could go on.

  16. I love National Lampoon’s and the Grinch…ELF is funny, too.

  17. It’s a Wonderful Life is my all time favorite, but the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a close second.

  18. Elf is my #1 for sure! &We always have A Christmas Story playing on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day when TBS does their marathon.

  19. Those are some of my favorites as well! I love watching movies this time of year.

  20. I’m with you, my favorite is A Christmas Story.