World Book Day is March 6th


World Book Day

Are you a book reader? I am. I love to read. I love to dive into a book and get lost in the pages. I am looking forward to summer reading by the pool!!

Did you know that World Book Day is March 6th? I never knew there was a World Book Day. You can learn more about it at

So what is it exactly? A celebration! It’s a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading. Right now my daughter is super excited about reading. I hope it lasts.  World Book Day is mostly celebrated in the UK and Ireland. I think it would be great to celebrate here as well.

There was a survey done recently by Fancy Dress Ball about Favorite authors and favorite characters. This was done in anticipation of World Book Day. Now why would a costume site do a survey like this? Because what happens when our children read their favorite stories? They want to dress like them as well!

So which character came out on top? Harry Potter, of course.



Winnie the Pooh came in second and Cinderella made it on the list as well. I wonder what my daughter’s kindergarten class would say if they were surveyed. I think I will email the teacher and let her know about World Book Day. It would be a great day to dress up as their favorite book character or have a guest reader.

I have so many favorites I don’t think I could pick just one.


                     Do you have a favorite book character or author?


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  1. I think my favorite author is Roald Dahl. It pretty much has been since childhood. I loved his books so much!

  2. I did not know that it was World Book Day coming up!!! Sounds like a fun day to celebrate! Not surprising about Harry Potter, hahaha!

  3. Very cool. I didn’t know World Book Day is tomorrow. I’m not surprised Harry Potter won.

  4. I love Harry Potter, but I’m loving Dr Seuss books lately too, my sons love those!

  5. I love Harry Potter. I have read the series so many times LOL. I did not know March 6 was world book day, super cool, I love to read too.

  6. Wow, didn’t even know there was a World Book Day. For a while I really liked Gilbert Morris….as I could read his books over and over again, same with Lori Wick.