Meet Remocam, The Smart Home Security Camera #review @Remocam


I was so excited to try out Remocam. It is a very impressive Wi-Fi camera that has so many cool features. This is the ultimate home security camera.



Meet Remocam

The little Smart Home security camera that protects your entire family



Remocam Features

Protect your house with the best-in-class technology

Live Feed: Monitor your home or office via your smartphone

Pan & Tilt: Remotely Control the camera’s viewing angle

Motion Sensor: Receive a push notification and view recorded videos

HD Resolution: Watch clear HD video with state of the art technology

Smart Home Capability: Connect your home devices such as TV, Media player and lights

256- Bit AES Encryption: Protect your personal data

Night Vision: Enjoy excellent night vision with 8 infrared LED sensors

2-way Communication: Listen and speak on demand, Interact with family and pets

Siren Alarm: Turn on a siren to alert those who are home or to scare off an intruder

One Minute Setup: Spend less time setting up and more time with family

Local Recording: Save your videos on a microSD card instead of the cloud

Cloud Recording: Save your motion sensor videos to the cloud and watch anytime



The box Remocam comes in




So simple, just the Remocam and adaptor



Remocam plugged in and ready to monitor my home





Picture of the Remocam app for your smart phone


When you take Remocam out of the box, installation will only take a minute (which is fabulous because some home camera systems can take a while to set up). Install the app on your smart phone Android or iOS device (app is called Remocam) and set up your free account. Plug in Remocam and wait until you are greeted by Remocam’s robotic voice. Once you set up your account on the app, you will have to connect Remocam. You will place your smart phone near Remocam when you are prompted until you hear Remocam tell you it has been connected. You can now use Remocam for many options in the home. One cool option you can use it as is a baby/child monitor. This camera has a motion detection feature, so it will alert your smart phone once motion has been detected. You can also listen and speak through the app. Remocam also came with an extra long cord. They gave you plenty of cord to put Remocam wherever you would like.

We had Remocam set up during the day and at night, I wanted to see if the night vision would be clear. The picture was great and not fuzzy at all.


Night vision


I love how you can record of this camera. For example, your child is doing a dance for you, or singing for you. You can record the feed and watch it later on. No worrying about grabbing your phone to record. Great feature!!

This camera also has the ability to pan 335 degrees and tilt 95 degrees. Not many cameras on the market today can do this, and it is a super cool feature. When we went away overnight I was able to look around the room to see what my cat was doing.

This camera also features an alarm system. You can use this via motion sensor or you can trigger the alarm yourself using the Remocam app.


There are so many home security cameras on the market these days, you don’t know which one is the right one to pick.  Remocam offers so many cool features, it really is the perfect home camera system. I love having Remocam in my home!


Purchase your own Remocam here

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***I was given a product in exchange for my honest opinion. This review is based on my experience with the product. I am not affiliated with the company and everything in this review is my opinion.


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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  1. Ive thought about getting a home security system for a while now. At the moment, all I have is a large dog but she doesn’t have anywhere near the number of cool features that this does!

  2. I feel so much better having a home security system. Our current system doesn’t have the great features of the Remocam.

  3. Jenna Wood says:

    We have a similar remote camera system of our own and I can’t recall life before it. The peace of mind is incredible. I love the range of features with this system.

  4. This looks like a great security system! I will definitely look into getting one for my home!

  5. This looks like a must have security camera for my large rental home. Thanks for sharing a new product I will have to go buy to test out! I love the features this offers.

  6. Amy Desrosiers says:

    After my Dropcam broke, I need one of these badly! I love the extra piece of mind it gives!