XNSPY – A Mobile Phone Spy that Working Moms Need for Keeping their Kids Safe



As the concerned mother of two kids (a boy and girl), I feel blessed. However, managing work and home can be quite challenging sometimes because I am a working mom at the same time. I face the pressure of trying to make sure my kids are safe while I am away from home. I need to know their whereabouts all the time to make sure they don’t go off track on their way home from school. When my kids started using Facebook, I became more concerned about their talking to strangers online. Therefore, I decided that it was time to install a mobile phone spy to keep them safe, and so I chose XNSPY.



Information about this Mobile Phone Spy

Here’s what you need to know about the app if you are a mom looking for a great monitoring app.

  • It works on both iOS (jailbroken and non-jailbroken) and Android devices.
  • It works in stealth mode and remains 100% undetectable.
  • It offers remote access so that you can lock the phone, wipe off all data, take screenshots of the activities on device, and block unwanted apps.
  • You can buy it with monthly, quarterly, and annual payment at the most convenient and affordable prices. You can subscribe for it at as low as $8.33/month.

What Monitoring Features Does It Offer?

It offers SMS monitoring. With this feature, you can monitor entire threads of conversations you kids have with people in their contact list. Moreover, you can watchlist words so that the app alerts you whenever your kids use them. It also allows you to monitor other internet messengers installed on the child’s cell phone, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, Line, and Kik. You can see all photos and videos sent and received through these apps too.

You can record calls and listen to ambient sounds in the surroundings of the cell phone. This allows me to keep a closer eye on contacts I didn’t like. My greatest fear as a working mom is that someone might be a bad influence on my children, which is why; I am extra cautious to make sure they don’t become victims of cyber bullies, and other predators in our society. I use this feature often just to be sure that they are safe by listening to their conversations on calls and when they are with people in my absence.

The phone spy also allows me to keep track of their location around the clock with the inbuilt GPS tracking feature. Through Google Map, I get a clear picture of where my kids are as long as they have their cell phone with them. Moreover, the Geo-fencing tool in it allows me to watch-list places. This means that the app sends me alerts if my kids go to places outside our town, or to places that I’ve prohibited them from visiting.



With XnSpy mobile phone spy application, another advantage I have is that I can keep an eye on what sort of websites my kids browse using their cell phones. Boys will be boys, and as my son grows as a teenager, I feel concerned that his curiosity can become bad if he sees adult content advertisements that are all over the internet. Although I use parental control apps on the PC, I need to keep an eye on his browser’s history and bookmarks. The app also helps me keep my daughter safe from harmful websites as well.

When kids feel that their parents are too busy to care, they tend to mismanage their time. I needed to make sure that my children appreciate the importance of using their cell phone responsibly and still pay attention to books. Games are easy to download these days, and XNSPY helped me block unwanted games remotely. I can pull the plug whenever I want to tell my kids that they must study.

Lastly, I got a great discount for subscribing for this mobile phone spy. I appreciate the fact that it offers many other exciting features, at extremely affordable prices. You can also try this app by downloading it from the PlayStore. Since there is a discount offer obtainable nowadays, you might want to avail it.


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