Fun National Holidays for September

I love all the National Holidays for each month I could post one for everyday but here are some of my favorites to have fun with through the month.

Sept 5 РCheese Pizza Day-  Everyone Loves Pizza, Make some homemade pizzas tonight.

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Sept 7 РBeer Lovers Day-  Grab a beer with your friends today, whats your favorite?
Sept 9 – Teddy Bear Day- How cute is this day, I will get one of my son’s Teddy Bear and give it a hug.
Sept 12 – Video Game Day- I know I know its all our children want to do everyday do they really need a National Day for it?
Sept 14- Eat a Hoagie Day- My favorite is Jersey Mikes.
Sept 17- Gymnastics Day- I know a lot of girls and boys who love Gymnastics.
Sept 18- Cheese Burger Day- who doesn’t love a cheese burger, what do you put on yours?
Sept 25- Comic Book Day- I wonder how much money those comic books are worth
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Sept 26- Pancake Day- Pancakes for Breakfast and Pancakes for Dinner, my son loves Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Sept 29- Coffee Day- 2 to 3 cups a day for me, Love coffee Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks