Getting Your Children Off To The Land Of Nod Is Easier Than You Might Think! How To Establish Good Sleep Patterns


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When you have children, sleep completely changes. It goes from a good night’s sleep with no interruptions other than maybe waking to pop to the bathroom. Regular naps as and when you want. Early nights or late nights depending on your plans for the weekend. When you have little ones, your own sleep isn’t priority anymore. Newborns will wake through the night for regular feeds. Toddlers will be difficult to settle down. Young children will be more focused on continuing their fun and games than getting the right number of hours of shuteye. Teenagers will likely want to sleep in too long and stay up much too late. The next eighteen years of your life are going to be about monitoring your little ones’ sleep patterns and sleep quality.



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The first few months of your baby’s life are likely to be hardest. Newborns have no sense of routine. They have no sense of when they should be awake and should be sleeping. More than likely, they won’t for months to come. They will wake up and want your attention. Be it for food, cuddles, your soothing voice, or general contact. Some people suggest that you shouldn’t pander to your baby’s every cry. They suggest that they will eventually tire themselves out and nod back off. It is so important that you ignore this ill informed information. Never ignore a crying baby. They’re crying for a reason and you’re the only one who will be able to cater to their needs. Feed hungry babies. Cuddle babies who want contact. These formative months of your baby’s life should see you create a strong bond and connection with your child. A child left to cry will be frightened and are unlikely to get sufficient sleep. Sleep is so important for your baby’s health. It might not be at the best moments for you. But you should settle them down and put their sleep before yours. This is time when their little bodies grow and develop. Not to mention their minds. Ensure they’re comfortable, happy and well-slept.



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Toddlers are completely different to babies. They are beginning to understand the world around them. They’re constantly seeing, learning and growing. Both physically and mentally. Now is the right time to introduce some routine to your little one’s life. Choose an appropriate wake up time and bedtime. Getting your child into a routine will make life easier for you when you head back to work and need to focus on your sleep too. It is also good for them to have some structure in their life and a decent sleep routine will greatly help with this. Your child will now need to move from a Moses basket to their own space with their own cot or bed. Make sure that you have an appropriately sized bed with a good, comfortable mattress. Look for brands that have been mentioned on Sleep Junky. They will be reliable and comfortable. Remember that this is the time that your child will learn to control their bladder through the night. Encourage them to get up and visit the bathroom if they feel the need.


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Children to teens will generally be in a good sleeping pattern. They will be able to prepare themselves for their night’s sleep. The older they get, the more responsibility you should give them. By their teen years, they should be setting alarms for themselves and ensuring that they are in bed in good time for the day ahead.


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