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My love for Pink Zebra is no secret. I really love all of their home fragrance products. I have many of the Simmering lights, shades, sprinkles and soaks. Pink Zebra has introduced a new line of last month,  a Jewelry line!!




You are probably thinking, “What the heck does Jewelry have to do with fragrance??” Good question!! Pink Zebra’s beautiful line of Jewelry can all be scented! That’s right, they can ALL be scented with the Pink Zebra Soaks! How cool is this?! Let me tell you all about it!

Pink Zebra Scented Jewelry line consists of 6 different pieces of Jewelry. 3 bracelets and 3 necklaces. Each of those pieces can be scented with your choice of Soaks. Pink Zebra even has introduced 6 new Soaks specifically for the new Jewelry! You can use any of the Soaks however these new scents are more perfume like.


The new scents of Soaks are: Alluring (my favorite), Daydreams, Eau’De Love, Island Passion, Angel Wings and True Romance. Each bottle is 3.75 fl. oz. and are $12 each.  I even used Alluring in the PZ lotion and it smells amazing!

Lets talk about the Jewelry now and how to use the Soaks on the Jewelry. Their are 6 different pieces of jewelry to choose from.



Classic. Stackable. Versatile. Set of three bangles featuring two with brown leather inlay and one with maroon leather inlay; all of which are designed to be fragranced with Soaks. Zinc alloy metal. Inner circumference- 2 3/4”, Width- 1/4” $40.


Horseshoe’s are a symbol of good luck and protection! Horseshoe emblem has a tumbled brass finish with turquoise blue leather inlay designed to be fragranced with Soaks. Large surface area for maximum fragrance throw. Espresso brown tooled strap with adjustable snap closure. Zinc alloy metal. Strap length- 6 3/4”, Strap width- 1 1/4”, Emblem length- 2”, Emblem height- 2 1/4” $34.


This modern, urban design pays tribute to 2011, when Pink Zebra was established. XI emblem features pink leather inlay designed to be fragranced with Soaks. Smooth, cognac brown triple wrap strap is intended to wrap approx. 3 times around wrist with snap closure. Zinc alloy metal. Total length- 23 1/2”, Strap width- 1/2”, Pendant size- 1” x 1” $30.


Stay on trend with this Arrowhead Necklace Set! Bar pendant includes laser etched logo on one side and sits on a copper chain. Blue leather arrowhead pendant is designed to be fragranced with Soaks. Large surface area for maximum fragrance throw. Blue frosted glass and silver metal beads alternate around necklace. Both necklaces included. Zinc alloy metal pendants. Bar pendant length- 1 1/4”, Bar pendant height- 1/4”, Bar pendant chain length- 18”, Arrowhead pendant length- 1 1/8”, Arrowhead pendant height- 2 1/4”, Arrowhead chain length- 25 1/2” $40.


Unlock your key to happiness with this sweet necklace! Saddle brown leather inlay is designed to be fragranced with Soaks. Metal barrier between heart and key sections allow for two areas to fragrance! Zinc alloy metal pendant and copper chain. Chain length- 19”, Key length- 2”, Key height- 1” $30.


Our primitive inspired cross pendant features a black leather inlay designed to be fragranced with Soaks. Rosary handcrafted beadwork with black frosted glass and silver metal beads. Zinc alloy metal. Chain length- 25”, Cross length- 2 3/4”, Cross height- 2” $40.
Each Jewelry piece comes with an area on it that you can use the Soaks. You can fragrance it as much as you would like. You can also use multiple Soaks to make your own customized fragrance! Pretty awesome!!
FullSizeRender 61
It is super easy to apply the Soaks, just make sure you aren’t wearing the jewelry while applying. Allow the Soaks to absorb before you wear the jewelry. You can change the fragrance once the previous fragrance has evaporated.
The fragrance is absolutely amazing on my necklace!! You can change fragrances also if you are getting tired of smelling just the one, or you can add multiple Soaks to it!
FullSizeRender 60
FullSizeRender 62
I chose the Arrowhead Necklace Set to review. Aqua/Teal is my favorite color so I knew I would immediately be drawn to this piece. I also love how it is a 2 piece set, I have received many compliments! I used the Alluring Soaks on my necklace. I love the scent so I covered the entire area. A few squirts and you are good to go! I have had a few people ask what perfume I was wearing when they walked by, so you can definitely smell the scent. It isn’t overpowering by any means, it is just right. A few pieces of the jewelry have multiple areas to scent, so you can definitely change up your fragrances. So awesome!
All of the Pink Zebra Soaks are dye free, alcohol free and the packaging contains no BPA. All Pink Zebra products are made in the USA. 
These would make very unique gifts for the holiday season!! Please check out Laurie Leal’s below pages below, and contact her with any questions/orders you have!!

Facebook  Website

Make sure to check out Mommy Has To Work’s Facebook Page  to see our first Facebook LIVE video of the Jewelry line!  We will be displaying all of the new Jewelry and Soaks available! Date and time TBA.


Would you like to win your own Pink Zebra Jewelry?! One lucky fan will win a choice of 1 piece of Jewelry and choice of 1 Soak! Open to U.S. Residents only. Giveaway ends on 12/2.

*I received Jewelry and a bottle of Soaks in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. 


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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