Safe Christmas Toys: Shopping Tricks All Parents Should Use



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If you have young children, toys are probably at the top of their Christmas lists this year. Whether it’s a new Barbie or a Star Wars Lego set, you naturally want to try and get them what they asked for. But while you want to please your kids, it’s just as important, if not more, to keep them safe from harm. While toy safety is continually being improved, some toys still pose a threat to your children. From small pieces to sharp edges, there are a number of hazards that parents need to look out for. But with so many toys available to buy, how can you know which ones are safe or not? To help make your Christmas shopping for toys less challenging, here are some shopping tricks you need to use.

Check the packaging

Toy manufacturers are now required to provide safety information on the packaging of their products. So when you’re shopping for toys in a store, take the time to read the safety labels before buy. There should be an age recommendations and choking hazard symbols if necessary. You should also be able to find a symbol that shows the toy meets healthy and safety standards.

Stuffed toys which aren’t in packaging, should also have safety information on their labels too. This should include washing instructions as stuffed toys can contain dust mites and germs in their fur. As most stuffed toy are fire hazards, there should also be an indication of this too.


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Read online reviews

Online reviews for toys are a valuable resource that all parents should use before they shop. They can tell you the pros and cons of particular toys which can include the price and how well they are made. But more importantly, toy reviewers will also pinpoint possible hazards and test the safety, so you don’t have to. This is all vital information that could prevent you from buying a toy that could be dangerous. It can also give you peace of mind that the toy your child has asked for is safe and age-appropriate. So if your son or daughter has asked for a particular toy, click here or google the name of it to find informative and honest reviews. This should always be done before you buy.

Use Youtube

In addition to checking the labels and reading online reviews, you should also use Youtube videos to influence your decision. There are countless videos created by parents and toy brands that provide demonstrations into how a toy works. They can show you how the toy is put together and shows the toy in action. This can be extremely useful as it can help you determine whether the toy is suitable for your child. As many of these videos are created by parents, their insight and advice can also make you more confident to buy a product. So click here or search on Youtube for toy demonstration videos.

These shopping tricks can help you pinpoint which toys are safe for your children to play with this holiday season. If they can keep your kids safe, they are definitely worth using.


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  1. Hi Anne,

    I agree with your views about toy safety. I would like to add a couple of more points.

    When buying any wooden toys like doll furniture or houses, check the package if it mentions anything about the paint used. It should be kid safe. Some of the paint used may contain lead and this can be harmful if ingested.

    Similarly, wooden toys are sometimes made of medium density fiberboard. This can contain melamine-urea-formaldehyde which is used a binder in the creation of the fiberboard. Excess exposure to sunlight can lead to the emission of the formaldehyde from these wood and can be harmful to the kids health.

    These are some of the lesser knows hazards which parents simply overlook.