Getting Readay for Valentine’s Day #FTD

I love to decorate for the holidays. My two favorite are Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is so pretty and I love to use pink and red together. I don’t have a lot of Valentine’s Day decorations so I headed out to the store to pick up a few new items.

This pretty floral arrangement to set on my island.

Here are a few items placed throughout the house.


And my favorite space…. in the kitchen under our bulletin board.


FTD sent me the above Valentine’s Day arrangement to help me decorate for Valentine’s Day!


FTD, the premier floral and gifting company that delivers handcrafted artisan-designed arrangements. To many, a bouquet of flowers is a staple of Valentine’s Day. However, a bouquet isn’t just about the gift of something beautiful, it’s about the gift of something unique and detailed, crafted with great attention and care.

FTD knows that many little details go into the creation of a hand-made artisan good. Whether it’s a hand-made card, a repurposed picture frame, or a piece of home-décor, the work that goes into any creation is part of what makes it special.
Here they are close up!


I was sent a floral arrangement from FTD. My opinions are my own.


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  1. Crafty Nunn says:

    FTD has so many beautiful flowers and gifts. They are so dependable.

  2. Christine H says:

    I love the greenery in that mix. Nothing’s quite like fresh flowers in the home.