SinfulColors Spring Nail Polish Review



Left to right: Mint Chip ~ Kanfetti ~ Pin up Pink ~ Strawberry Milk ~ Whipped Frosting ~ Candy Hearts


I love nail polish!  The rack on my office wall holds 120 nail polishes. My family thinks I have an obsession.  Truth be told, I share those polishes with my 24 year old daughter Megan.  In our collection, you will find, sparkle, iridescence, shiny beautiful colors and topcoats, but not one single matte in the bunch.   When I got the opportunity to review the SinfulColors Pretty Vintage Collection, which includes 8 matte shades and one sparkling glitter shade, I said “Yes Please!”

Left to right: Mint Chip ~ Kanfetti ~ Pin up Pink ~ Strawberry Milk ~ Whipped Frosting ~ Candy Hearts

Megan volunteered to be my tester for this polish since I had just received a french manicure and wanted to wear it a bit longer.  She’s a trooper!  I polished the fingers on her left hand with 2 coats of each color.  The top picture below is one coat of polish, two finished coats pictured on the bottom.  The matte colors dried very quickly, feeling soft and velvety to the touch. The light pink shade streaked a bit even after two coats.


On Megan’s right hand, I used one coat of the Whipped Frosting (matte white) and topped it with Kanfetti, a pastel blue, pink and green sparkling glitter. Kanfetti needed two coats to distribute the sparkles effectively, resulting in a fun, summery nail style.

My daughter agreed to keep me posted daily for seven days on the wear of the nail polishes.  The first check in, day one of the experiment, showed one tiny chip on Mint Chip (matte green) on her pinky nail.  The white nails topped with Kanfetti were still going strong at this point.  Pictured below are her nails after one week of wear time.

There was no base or top coat included or used in this review. Megan felt it lasted better than other polishes but would have liked to see how it performs with a matte top coat.  It chipped in smaller pieces compared to other polished she’s tried that come off in larger chunks.  She really loved the velvety soft feel and look of the polish. Sadly, the nail with Mint Chip was left stained upon removal with acetone and heavy scrubbing, which was a disappointment.  Perhaps the use of a base coat would have prevented the staining?  Overall, this collection has a retro vibe…fun, flirty and perfect for the upcoming Spring season.


SinfulColors Kandee Johnson Pretty Vintage polishes sell for $1.99, are made in the U.S.A. and are 5 Free (Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DPB and Camphor Free).  They are available January – April 2017 in retailers nationwide, including Walgreen and Walmart.


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  1. Those colors are so great! You hand looks like an Easter decoration, and I love it!

  2. I love the colors! It’s also impressive that it managed to hold up at all without a base and top coat. Usually you need those to have even a shot of it staying looking good.

  3. Oh no! Too bad about the staining. I love the pink colors! So pretty! The blues are super cute, too!

  4. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    These will be great colors for spring. They will be great for my Daughter to use as well. We love to paint our nails.

  5. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    I am loving these colors!! They’re getting me in the mood for spring with all of this awful winter weather I am having here!

  6. This does sound like a fun collection to work with. You could definitely create some nice spring looks with them.

  7. They are all pretty nail polish colors. I like the Candy Hearts best. Its good to know that these nail polishes are free of those 5 harmful ingredients. I will be picking up a few of them when I see them at the store.

  8. These nail polishes have such vivid colors!
    Looks like a great product line.

  9. I love exploring new polishes, especially in fun seasonal colors. I think that deep pink shade is my favorite of this bunch.

  10. Those are perfect for the upcoming spring. And I am so ready for spring. Bring on those vibrant colors! I want my nails to look great for spring!

  11. I’m so ready for spring! I’m horribly at dealing with weather. I love all the fresh colors and fun sparkles.

  12. KAndee Johnson rocks for having her own collection. I had no idea but this is amazing I am happy for her she deserves it!

  13. Christine H says:

    I love the sparkly color! Too bad it left her nail stained 🙁