The Top Reasons You Can Excel by Becoming a Pediatric Nurse

Does pediatric nursing sound like a career path you are interested in? It can take some time to figure out what field of nursing you are interested in. There are some individuals who know they work best with seniors, and then there are others who prefer the high energy of an emergency room. However, before you decide that you want to be a pediatric nurse, you will want to go over the following traits to see if any of them match your personality.



The saying goes that “patience is a virtue”, and it takes a lot of skill to have the patience needed to work with children. It does not matter how long you went to nursing school, whether you attended an online BSN program or a traditional school, children require that you demonstrate patience when providing them with care.

If they are sick, they are more than likely scared, especially if they are separated from familiar surroundings. It is the pediatric nurse’s job to not only keep them comfortable but to also help alleviate their fears.


Being in a big, scary hospital can make a child feel uneasy. It does not help if they are being cared for by an unfit nurse. An unkind and rude nurse can make the entire experience unpleasant. This is one of the reasons why those who are contemplating pediatric nursing must have a genuine love for all children. They should not only love cuddly babies and toddlers, they should also love caring for older children and teenagers. The kindness of a nurse will help soothe their fears and keep them comfortable.


Children want to have fun in their lives, even when they do not feel well. An online nursing degree graduate who is also playful will quickly become a favorite among the youngest patients. This is the nurse the kids beg to play games with them while they are in recovery, and the one who reads books to them with animation and playfulness in her voice. This will also be the nurse who will dress up in Minnie Mouse scrubs just to remind them they are children.

Knows How to Distract

A good pediatric nurse knows when to distract a young patient. Parents and medical professionals use the art of distraction quite often and it is a vital skill when dealing with sick children. Needles represent pain to children, and distracting children can keep their minds off scary procedures.


When you are around healthy children, it is easy to laugh and enjoy life. However, it is more challenging to laugh when a child is sick and not feeling well. Children should not be stuck in a hospital; they should be out having fun. Unfortunately, it does not always work that way. Therefore, a pediatric nurse needs to be strong for the child and herself. It is important not to let the situation get you down. Be the encouragement the child needs to get better.

If you love being around children and taking care of children when they are sick, you have the traits needed to be a pediatric nurse. Many pediatric nurses consider it the greatest job in the world.



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