3 Business Ideas for Busy Moms

It isn’t easy being a mother and we all know that it’s a full-time job. However, once those initial years are gone, you may just find a little more time on your hands than you are used to by now. If you are thinking about going back to your job but worried at the same time about restarting your career after such a long break, then know that you may not really have to go through those grueling hours ever again. Instead, you can start a business from home to work according to your own convenience, while never really being away from your family. It would help though if you had a bit more knowledge about business and marketing in general, and you can do that from the convenience of your home too. Just get an online MSM degree from the highly praised New England College and at the end of the course, you should be able to turn any venture into a profitable business in no time.


It is a somewhat saturated field but nevertheless, blogging continues to be one of the prime sources of income for stay-at-home moms. Choose a topic that you have both knowledge and interest in and post content to your blog regularly. Once the blog begins to pick up, your earnings will come via affiliate marketing, advertisements, and product promotions primarily. However, in order for it to pick up in an extremely competitive market, SEO optimization, social media marketing, guest posting and other forms of content marketing might be necessary.

Virtual Assistant

The job of a VA is to provide assistance to businesses primarily in terms of marketing, technical support and running administration. This is one of those jobs where you will get the best opportunities if you complete an online master of science in marketing management and put it on your CV. The advantage of being a VA is that instead of being tied down to a full-time job for just one person or company, you will have the opportunity to work for multiple companies and get paid for every hour that you provide them with your services; not to mention, you will be doing all that from the comfort of your home and your own laptop.

Food Business

This one requires a lot more funding than the two ideas above and getting a food license for operating a food business from home can be a tricky affair. However, once you acquaint yourself well with the rules and regulations that govern the prerequisites of getting the license and manage to invest some money into your business, a bakery or something similar can be a very profitable business, especially if you are good at cooking. When the business starts to see some profits, you can hire someone to help you so that you can get even more time for yourself.

In case you would like some more options, don’t worry because there are plenty! You could be opening up a child day care facility if you have sufficient spare space in your house. If creativity is your forte, then you could use your artistic skills to make and sell unique gift items or art online.


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