The Comely Cuisiner – 5 Meals That Will Hone Your Health




The secret to losing weight and maintaining a toned, healthy body is not what you think. The diet industry has spent decades trying to convince us that control is everything, but we’re starting to understand why this might not be true. More important than what you don’t eat is what you do consume, so sticking to tough, calorie deficit diet plans is an uphill struggle.

The healthiest, happiest people are not on diets. They don’t obsessively monitor everything that passes their lips because picking the right foods comes naturally to them. They have trained their brain to love the good stuff, so eating well is never a chore. And with so many amazing recipes out there, can you blame them?

Keep reading for a peek at some of the tasty, super nutritious meals that you should be enjoying on a regular basis.

Mano Chia Pudding 

It takes just ten minutes to prepare a delicious bone healthy mango chia pudding recipe. All you need is a handful of chia seeds, a little milk, a cup of fresh mango, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. The ingredients (minus the mango) are placed in a jar and shaken vigorously. Then, you leave the jar in the fridge for an hour and voila, you’ve got a beautiful, healthy pudding which is fantastic for the bones, heart, joints, and cells.

Broccoli and Feta Omelette 

If you can’t get enough of brunch recipes, but need to keep your choices nutritious, eggs are a wonderful choice. They are filled with healthy fats and protein, so they are a great way to start the day. Plus, leafy vegetables like broccoli are rich in calcium and vitamin D as well. Just make sure that you use minimal oil when cooking your omelette. The best option is one of those low-calorie spray oils.


Middle Eastern Salad 

Carbs tend to get a bad rep, but it’s really just the white, processed options which you should avoid. So, stick with whole grain rice, pasta, and bread for maximum nutrition. Middle Eastern rice and salad dishes, for instance, ditch the heavy white rice in favour of a brown alternative or they use chickpeas, couscous, and quinoa. In fact, chickpeas are an incredible health food, because they contain minimal calories, but they are packed with protein and fibre.


Greek Lentil Soup 

Often, thin soups taste great, but they can leave you craving a more filling snack. This is tricky because the last thing that you want to do is dive into creamier, fattier recipes. Plus, canned supermarket products are some of the worst offenders. They are filled with sugar and salt, so do try to make your own if you’re a soup fan. Lentils are tremendously filling and they taste amazing when added to carrots, celery, onion, garlic, and oregano.


Five Bean Chili (Non-Carne) 

Mincemeat is not a great choice when you’re trying to cook healthy meals because it contains a lot of fat. If you are going to eat meat, you should stick with whole, lean cuts, as opposed to processed products. Swap out the mince for beans when you make your next chilli and you’ll be amazed at how tasty and filling it can be. You can use whatever beans you want; kidney, black, butter, pinto, haricot. Bring them all together in a bubbling pot of tomatoes, paprika, cumin, garlic, and chilli powder.


Why Food Is the Secret to a Healthy, Happy Life 

Everything starts and ends with the food that we put into our bodies. It affects our mood, energy levels, happiness, resilience, and ability to deal with daily challenges. So, there is no excuse for not paying attention to the quality of your physical fuel. With just a few small changes, you can transform your diet and become a healthier, happier individual.









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  1. Sandra Preti says

    These look delicious-thank you for sharing!

  2. Jenna Hudson says

    I keep meaning to make chia pudding. Seems so simple, healthy, and yummy!

  3. Nicole Sender says

    I’d like to try some of these recipes! They look tasty!

  4. That middle eastern salad is something I would like to make.

  5. Wow……those meals look super delicious and healthy. Thank you for the recipes. I will definitely be trying them out soon.

  6. I love chia pudding made with cocoa powder, vanilla, cinnamon, & monks fruit sweetener. It’s so easy to make! The lentil soup sounds good, along with the meatless chili. My family would love those!