6 Tips For Buying A Car With A Good Resale Value


When you are shopping around for the perfect car for you, there are a few things you absolutely have to take into consideration. It can be easy to forget about what kind of resale value the potential car will have when you are caught up in the excitement of owning it, but, it’s a necessary consideration.


Don’t Forget About Resale Value

When you are looking for a car that is just right for your lifestyle, you need to take its resale value into consideration. Below is a list of things that will make up the best criteria for the very best resale value.

1. The Brand

Having a car that is popular in the market and has a high brand value is already half a battle won. That’s because the popularity and values, especially of German, Korean and Japanese cars, remains relatively high. It’s a lot less easy if the car is a niche type with considerable lower sales volumes.

2. The Body Type

As far as passenger cars go, sedans, crossovers, and four-door hatches tend to be the most popular. Sports cars, coupes, and convertibles, on the other hand, are less in number and have small audience appeal within the used market. That being said, because they are niche cars and are relatively scarce, the resale values can sometimes outstrip that of mainstream choices. The best thing to do is get professional free car valuations before making a decision.

3.The Engine

Big cars that guzzle gas are out, and smaller, more eco-friendly varieties are very much in. For those buyers who are on a budget, a car has absolutely everything to do with the running costs.

4. The Gearbox

With traffic congestion always on the rise, automatic cars are increasing in favour. Today’s gearboxes tend to shift quickly, have a manual function, have a controllable sports setting, are a lot more fun to drive, and since the engine continues to turn at the speed where it produces power the best, the engine lands up using less fuel, making it a win-win situation.

5. The Accessories

Believe it or not, all those cool factor extras that were added when the car was new mean very little when it comes to reselling the car, particularly if the accessory is a rather sophisticated electronic sort. That’s because the potential for expensive maintenance costs tends to be bigger. Overall, broad-based used values are calculated only by averages for that car in terms of stock availability, popularity, and sales volumes. Of course, a tow bar, for example, is going to add a little value, but a factory sat nav may have been a bad idea as there are cheaper, portable options on the market.

6. The Colour

Typically, silver and white cars tend to be the easiest to resell. Darker colours like navy and black a lot less so. That’s because of the hot climate. Buyers tend to prefer silver/grey, white, and shades of browns, greens, and yellows.

Take these six points into consideration when you next buy a car so that when you are ready to sell it, you know its resale value will be just what you need.

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