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Are you planning to purchase a gift for a baby? If you are then you should know that the number one rule for buying a gift for a baby is safety. Make sure the baby can’t chew the paint off of a toy. Make sure there are no small parts for the baby to choke on and make sure it’s something the parents will approve of the baby having. Babies love to chew on things. Keep that in mind when buying a gift online or in a store.


Safety Guidelines When Buying A Toy For The Baby

There have been plenty of toy-related injuries that resulted in babies being taken to the hospital. Of those, more than one-third involved kids under five years old. To prevent that from happening, here are seven guidelines you should be aware of:


  1. Pick toys that are designed for the age of the child you are buying for. The package should give you an age range. Some kids are more advanced. You should ask the parent if the child is ready to use the toy in question.
  2. Chose sturdy, well-made toys. Used toys might not be a good decision, because they are older and they might be damaged and not safe. Some toys may have been recalled or not safe by new safety guidelines. Check toys for things that the child may be able to pull off. If they can pull off anything small then pass. Make sure that the toy parts are bigger than the baby’s mouth. This will ensure you that the baby isn’t going to choke on anything.
  3. Make sure the child is physically ready for the toy. For example, people with older kids may buy a bike that is too big for the child so the child can use it longer. Do not do this with babies. Stick to the appropriate age.
  4. Do not buy heavy toys. If the toy fell on the child, could the child be hurt? If so then pass.
  5. No balloons for babies. Latex balloons are the primary cause of injuries in children. The baby can swallow the balloon, or the balloon can shoot down the baby’s throat.
  6. Do not pick toys with string or cords longer than 12 inches. The string could get wrapped around the child’s neck. Remove anything mobile or anything hanging from the crib when the child is old enough to pull up.
  7. No toys with magnets or toxic toys.



10 Additional Tips For Buying Gifts For Babies 

  1. Do research.
  2. Ask what the baby already has.
  3. Consider the baby’s gender.
  4. Think about what stage or age the baby is when buying play things. Chose a toy that will challenge the baby. Do not buy something too advanced for the child.
  5. Create a gift basket with age appropriate toys and baby shampoos, lotions and diapers. You can also include washcloths and towels. There is also a wide selection of baby hampers online where you can place those gifts.
  6. Be thoughtful.
  7. Safe mirrors for baby are always fun and stimulate the brain.
  8. Do something unique for the baby. Personalised gifts are something the baby and parents will want to hold onto.
  9. Purchase clothes for the baby. Everyone loves to dress nice when going out. Babies also want to be comfy. Buy comfy clothes and onesies that the baby can play in
  10. Buy things they can hold onto in the future. Keepsakes help everyone hold onto precious memories.


Take note of the tips above and you can be certain that you’ll purchase a gift that any mum will appreciate.


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