Vive Precision Oral Thermometer Review

As my kids are getting older and away from the baby and toddler stages, I am happy to say they can now use an old fashioned digital thermometer. When I was a kid, digital thermometers were the best thing around to take your temperature. We didn’t have the ear thermometers or the forehead thermometers, or the “all in one” thermometers. Digital thermometers were great and did the job. I was happy to review an Oral Digital Thermometer from Vive Precision and step away from my ear thermometer I have been using for 9 years.



About the Oral Thermometer by Vive Precision:

Quick reading. Guaranteed accurate.

With the Vive Precision oral thermometer, taking your temperature has never been easier. Simply activate the thermometer, place it under the tongue, and see your temperature displayed in bold font on a large, easy-read LCD screen.

Each device has been rigorously tested for accuracy and consistency. It features an energy-saving automatic shutoff function, and displays temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Perfect for all age ranges, from babies to seniors.


Don’t get me wrong, my ear thermometer is great. However, it is not 100% perfect and gives me different temperatures in each ear which can be highly confusing. My 5-year-old has the habit of reaching 104 when he has a virus, so I do need a thermometer that is super accurate. Let me tell you about this oral digital thermometer and what I love about it.

First off, this thermometer is FDA approved and has been tested for guaranteed accuracy. I myself love when things are FDA approved, so right off the bat I knew this would be a great thermometer. It also has a memory recall feature which is great to keep track of past temperatures when you are tracking. It is interchangeable between Fahrenheit and Celsius for added convenience. It is waterproof! I never knew a thermometer could be waterproof, how neat is that?! The feature my husband loves most about this thermometer…..45 degree flexible tip! I remember being a child and hating having my temperature taken because it would hurt. This bends and shapes to your mouth so it is comfortable. My husband was thrilled with it when he took his temperature. The thermometer is very accurate, much more so than my current ear thermometer, and it takes your temperature within seconds…very needed with a sick child.

This thermometer also has a 1 year limited warranty. It is guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects and they will replace or exchange the thermometer if it is.

This thermometer can be purchased at Walmart by clicking here. It was shipped to me super fast, received it in 3 days after ordering! The price is $10.49.

Even if you want to purchase this thermometer as a spare or one to keep in your luggage for vacation, it is very accurate and you cannot beat the price!


*I received this thermometer in exchange for my honest opinion. 


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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