Enter to Win a Community Sports Sponsorship Package from Weed Man USA

Now through Thursday, September 21, local sports teams can nominate themselves by uploading a team photo to Weed Man USA’s Facebook page for their chance to win a Community Sports Sponsorship package. Team members are encouraged to promote their photo to gain the most Facebook “Likes.” The photo with the most “Likes” out of all participating teams across the nation will be awarded the first prize. There are three sponsorship packages in total.

The prizes to be awarded are:

–          First Prize (awarded to team photo with the highest number of “likes”): $5,000

–          Second Prize (awarded to team photo with the second highest number of “likes”): $3,000

–          Third Prize (awarded to team photo with the third highest number of “likes”): $1,000


Additionally, the top three entries will receive a Weed Man branded hydration kit consisting of a 10-gallon sports cooler and 30 water bottles.

The winners are announced on October 3, 2017.



  1. Upload a photo of your team to Weed Man USA’s Facebook Page
  2. Include the following information in the caption description:
  • Team name
  • League name
  • Hashtag: #showmethegreen
  • Location of the team: City/Town, State, and Zip
  • The name of the field where you hold the majority of your practices
  • The office name and location of the sports association your team is part of or associated school

Should neither the field nor association be applicate, the home address of your team’s coach may be used to verify your team. Do not include it with the picture upload. It will be required for eligibility should your entry be among the top three.


*All entries must be located in a Weed Man serviceable area. Check to see if you qualify.


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