Pop Drop Popsicle Holders for Kids!

Introducing a new summer accessory that is simple yet smart! Kate, a mom of 3 young kids has designed a silicone cup to prevent popsicle drips from running down kids’ arms and dripping all over their clothes. I’m so excited to try these as I understand the struggle of kids with Popsicles from first-hand experience!
“Having 3 young kids, popsicles are a popular summer treat in our house. When I came across a pinterest trick to slide a cupcake liner on a popsicle stick to catch the drips, I thought it was a great idea! Except, as the popsicle melted away, so did the cupcake liner. When I looked around stores and online for a better device I was surprised to find there weren’t any! Unless I wanted to make my own popsicles (I didn’t) or buy a big, bulky popsicle holder (also didn’t) I was out of luck. That’s when I designed the Pop Drop!”
Right now, Pop Drop is collecting funding and pre-orders through their Kickstarter and if they reach their goal, they will be sending us Pop Drops to give away to our readers! So head over to their Kickstarter to pre-order yours, or share their great product on your Facebook page! This is the mom product you never knew you needed—until now!


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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  1. This is a great product. I like to have them.

  2. Missy Schutz says:

    What a great idea! Why didn’t we think of that?