Practical summer fashion for working moms



If your average day starts out with chasing some miniature monsters round the house, getting them fed, sending them off to school looking vaguely presentable and then trying to get yourself to the office on time, you probably think the idea of summer fashion is for some other species of human.


Honestly, though, it doesn’t have to be that way. The beauty of summer fashion, especially this year, is that it is all about simplicity, so you can head out looking fresh and fashionable without huge expenditure of time, energy or money. The following three ideas can all be put into action through reasonably priced online suppliers like JD Williams, meaning it really couldn’t be easier.


Mix the colors

The top catwalks on 2017 were full of outrageous color combinations, so you can go a little crazy and have fun mixing and matching. Even if you’re running late for work and have just realized you didn’t get around to sorting out the laundry, a pair of lightweight black trousers will look great with any color blouse, and you can add a light jacket if you need one.


Also, have fun with the accessories. Even with base blacks and whites, you can rapidly create a fun look that is all your own with a little imagination, and it takes all of five minutes to perfect!


Skirts all the way

There’s nothing like a well fitting skirt to look and feel fresh and summery. Neutral colors work as well as vibrant summery shades of yellow or orange, and you can finish off the look with a cropped top, or maybe a blouse with puffy sleeves for that slight 80s vibe that is right back in this year. A pair of cool sandals with an ankle strap for extra comfort and support complete the fashionable but smart look, to keep you looking and feeling great throughout the working day.


Cotton pants

Of course, you don’t have to wear a skirt every day. A pair of light cotton pants gives you all the comfort of home but still looks professional. They will also provide the basis for a dozen different looks that can be achieved in a few short minutes. Try combining with a short sleeved shirt and a light tunic, and you will be amazed at the results. And don’t forget to accessorize with a simple stole and some matching jewelry sets.


Next time you are rushing for work on a Monday morning, give one of the above tricks a try. Your colleagues will wonder where on earth you found the time to look so sophisticated!


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