ReTrak Utopia 360° 4D+ Augmented and Virtual Reality Space Exploration Bundle for Kids Review

My 9 year old daughter is starting to love learning about Space. She is constantly looking up space related articles and pictures via the internet to learn more about the planets and solar system. I was contacted by ReTrak to review their Utopia 360° 4D+ Augmented and Virtual Reality Space Exploration Bundle for kids and it sounded like something she would love.



Embark on an out of this world adventure with ReTrak’s 4D+ Space Exploration Augmented and Virtual Reality Bundle. It’s designed to work with the fully-featured Space 4D+ app for a truly immersive experience. Just scan the cards with your preferred device and watch the space objects come to life in 4D!

4D+ Utopia 360° Space Exploration: Augmented Reality Cards & VR Headset

  • Includes Utopia 360° VR Headset and 26 AR cards
  • Works with the interactive and fully-featured Space 4D+ app
  • Explore the 3D library and learn about planets, the solar system, space objects and space missions
  • Drives space rovers with on-screen controls
  • Capture fun augmented reality photos of space objects in your real world environment
  • Go on a 360° virtual tour of the international space station and the solar system
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets and VR headsets
  • Perfect for ages 7+  $39.99

Both of my kids are really getting into the whole 3D and virtual reality stuff. This set is really cool! It is also super easy for kids to use. Just download the Space 4D app on your smartphone or tablet (works with Apple or Google Play) and follow the easy instructions. I downloaded the app on my smartphone and also my daughter’s tablet because for her the tablet is easier using the AR cards. What I love about this set is you can use the AR cards with or without the VR headset. While using the app you can play with the cards on your smart phone or tablet all while learning about the planets and solar system! You can even have a really cool tour of the international space station! My daughter loved that part. You can also “drive” the land rovers on your smart phone or tablet and use on screen controls. So much fun to have with this set!  The app also has a 3D Library where you can scroll through different space objects and learn facts about them.


The headset is made of good quality and doesn’t feel cheap or like it is going to break. It has a built in action button which is also compatible with other virtual reality apps you can download. There are a couple selections when you want to use the VR headset. Once you have the app up and running on your phone, make sure to click VR-Mode and then you will see three selections. VR Space lets you fly through space and explore the solar system and planets. AR/Vr mode lets you experience the 4D+ mode hands free and the VR ISS mode allows you to take a tour of the international space station and experience weightlessness. So fun!! There are focal adjustment buttons as well as a built in action button you can use with thousands of other VR apps! The only con I see about this product is my daughter says the headset hurts her nose after a prolonged period of time. Otherwise it really is a great educational product!

This would be a great educational gift to give your children for the upcoming holidays, or even for their birthdays or their friends birthdays! ReTrak also makes two other sets, Animal Zoo and Dinosaurs!

*I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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  1. Mary West says:

    My son would love this! I’m going to keep my eye out for this for Christmas this year!

  2. Danielle S says:

    Looks like something a homeschooler would get a lot of use from. I’ll have to tell my daughter about this.