Trailer & Activity Sheets For Netflix’s “Spirit Riding Free” Season 2

This new season is more spirited than ever! As Lucky and Spirit settle into their new home in Miradero, along with Lucky’s best friends Pru and Abigail and their horses Chica Linda and Boomerang, the close-knit gang discover there are even more adventures to be had!  Whether they’re solving the mystery of missing pies, learning circus tricks from a neighboring cowboy, braving a blizzard with an unlikely companion or tangling with Lucky’s mischievous cousin Julian (voiced by High School Musical and Switched at Birth‘s Lucas Grabeel), the PALs always find a way to put friendship, laughter and fun first. It’s almost here! The all-new season of DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free is action-packed, hilarious, and heart-warming. Ride free with the PALs and their new friends on Netflix September 8!




“Spirit Riding Free” Activity Sheets


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