4 Reasons to Visit Canada in the Summer

When you see pictures of Canada, they are normally ones with snow covered mountain tops which evoke that winter feeling. Yes, Canada is a popular place for travelers to visit in winter, but the fun doesn’t stop once spring rolls around. In fact, it is a year-round destination that has plenty to offer whenever you decide to land in this diverse, enticing country.

With that said, and as the title spotlights, this article will be focusing specifically on the summertime in Canada. After all, it is the direct opposite of winter – so it is the ideal way of pointing out why the country isn’t just a one-off seasonal stop each year. Read on for four reasons to visit Canada in the summer.

Warmer weather for exploring 

Firstly, it is important to start with the most obvious aspect of visiting in the summer: the warm weather. While Canada is a popular place to visit in winter, that doesn’t mean every traveler is comfortable with going on holiday during cold temperatures and snowy conditions. If you are in that situation, going during the summer is the perfect solution – the snow might not be so prominent (you’ll still find it atop the most elevated mountains), but everything else that makes Canada so special remains.

Countless things to do

UNESCO World Heritage sites, 42 national parks, museums, wide-open spaces ripe for exploring, wildlife to observe – there’s so much to do in Canada, that you will probably regret not booking a longer trip! As for summer-specific things, you obviously have the chance to participate in more outdoor activities. While hiking is still possible during the winter, the summer allows you to do things like biking, rafting and playing a round of golf in comfort.

Affordable prices 

Perhaps surprisingly, Canada is a country that is amongst one of the most inexpensive places to visit on the planet. Sadly that doesn’t include airfare if you are traveling long distance, but the price of entering attractions, going to festivals, and so on is usually an inexpensive affair.

Plus if you are keeping a close eye on your finances, why not book a self-catering accommodation option like Tremblant Sunstar in Mont-Tremblant? That way you can cook in your very own kitchen, helping to avoid eating out for every meal during your journey. If you’re traveling across the country, the option of camping is also a possibility – which is not something that would be all that viable during those freezing winter conditions.

Summer festivals

During the summer months, there are plenty of Canadian festivals to choose from. Of course, festivals rarely pop up during the winter months, however, when the sun and warm arrives so does the music, art and culture.

When it comes to these annual festivals and events, there are many of them that are suited for visitors of all types. This is an ideal point if you’re traveling as a family. Plus these shows and celebrations are diverse in what they offer, with everything from the well-known Montebello Rockfest music extravaganza to Freezer Burn – the latter being a Burning Man-sanctioned, artistic expression of freedom.



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