Creating the perfect logo for your business start up


If you’ve just started your own business, then finding the perfect logo is a must. Logo design is a crucial part of any business strategy and is one of the first things you should consider when laying out your plan for web domination! A good logo can help a company to truly thrive and when you’re busy at home after a busy day at the office, it’s reassuring to know that your business logo is doing a great job in promoting itself why you’re away!

But what goes into creating that perfect business logo? A company like smartsign can assist you, but here, we’ll look at a few tips about how you can build one, that works for you.

Ideas for your logo

A good place to start with your business logo design is with a brainstorming session. Begin with a collage of images that you collect as inspiration for a project. In the case of a logo, this might consist of logos that you like from other brands, images of your own products and images of things that relate to the name of your brand.

While you’re doing this you should try to avoid ‘clichéd’ ideas when choosing your design. That means avoiding things that are used too frequently in other logos and thus won’t be unique or appear creative and thoughtful. Globes, ticks and speech bubbles are all over done and should thus be avoided.

Creating your logo

Once you have an idea for a logo design, the next thing to do is to actually start creating it. Of course this requires a more measured approach than other aspects of design. Remember: this is going to be used on your websites, packaging, advertising and more and will become an ambassador for your business. In other words, the quality needs to reflect the quality of your business and thus should be flawless.

You can purchase software that you can use at home to create your desired look, or you can even work with a graphic designer who speicialsies in company logos. If you choose to outsource this work then it’s crucial that the designer knows about the inner workings of your business, they are familiar with how you work, what you do, what you sell and your companies mission statement. This way, they’ll be able to create you something that will become the voice of your business.


Remember, before you even start working up a logo design concept, ensure you research your target market thoroughly!

Be enticing and make sure it appeals to your target audience. Be unique, and avoid obvious clichés – make your logo memorable! Be timeless and make your logo eternally relevant – so avoid trendy fonts.

Use colour to reinforce your message and make good use of any white space.

Don’t follow trends – create them with a bold design but always keep things simple. Don’t make your logo too “busy” and if you have a message – express it.




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