A Pinball Machine Adds Pizazz to Your Home

A Pinball Machine Adds Pizazz to Your Home

If you are like many people you look for unique items that can add a touch of pizazz to your home. One item that you may not have focused on is a pinball machine. On the other hand, you may be a pinball machine enthusiast. In either case, the reality is that a pinball machine can add a unique touch to your residence.

When it comes to a pinball machine for your home, you actually have far more options available to you than you might realize. The pinball machine has been a piece of gaming art that has been around for generations.

Pre-modern Genesis of Pinball

Pinball can trace its origins to pre-modern times. The inspiration for pinball stems from certain games played outside on lawns. These include such as bocce and bowling games.

Croquet, golf and paille-maille eventually developed from bocce and bowling as far as outside games are concerned. On the other hand, bocce and bowling resulted in indoor games as well. These include billiards, shuffleboard, and eventually pinball.

Pinball in the Late 18th Century

During extended reign of France’s King Louis the XIV, from 1643–1715, the spring launcher was developed which made the type of pinball machine we see even today possible. Indeed, the design and operation of the pinball machines designed throughout the 18th century are really no different from those crafted in the 20th century. The only meaningful difference is the use of electricity to brighten and intensify the pinball play.

If you are a true connoisseur of historic pieces for your home, whether that be furniture or games, a pinball-like machine from the 18th century would be an amazing addition to your residence. Yes, these types of machines can still be found. You are likely to have to invest some money in brining this type of piece into your home, as is the case for home furnishings from this era as well. However, by making this type of investment, you will add an amazing piece to your home.

Pinball in the 1930s

Pinball garnered a burst of additional attention in the 1930s. Perhaps the Great Depression made these entertaining games desirably. Although pinball machines in this decade started to require a coin to operate, they nonetheless provided reasonably affordable entertainment for cash-strapped Americans and others the world over.

Pinball machines became popular in drugstores during the 30s, which attracted young people to the game. In addition, the 30s represented the time period that pinball machines gained a foothold in bars and taverns, something which has carried forward to this day.

A pinball machine from this era would also be an amazing addition to a residence. Machines from this era are more widely available than those from previous time periods. One of the reasons there is a decent number of machines build in the 1930s available today is because so many of them were manufactured during the Depression era.

There are two primary types of pinball machines available today from the 1930s. These include manual machines, those that lack electricity. However, there are also electrified versions of the machine, which appeared for the first time in 1933. This is also the year that active bumper paddles were introduced to the machine.

Pinball in the 1970s

Another peak in attention paid to pinball machined came in the 1970s. As a result, this is another epoch in the life of the game in which machines are available for use in your residence today.

The pinball machines of the 1970s included solid-state electronics and digital displays. This opened up a whole new look and feel to these games. Associated background music oftentimes was added to accompany the more traditional bells and whistles.

The 1970s represented that last time period in which there was a burst in enthusiasm for more traditional pinball machined. By the 1980s, video games began making inroads and offerings like the “real world” pinball machine ended up taking a backseat to these other offerings.

Where to Find Pinball Machines

You have a variety of resources from which you can find pinball machines. You might be able to do something as approach a long-standing tavern, even in your own neighborhood. A surprising number of these establishments have pinball machines tucked away in storage areas, unused and gathering dust.

Auctions, estate sales, and antique stores represent other venues from which pinball machines can be found. Of course, as is the case with nearly everything in this day and age, the internet is a resource for pinball machines of all types.

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