Great Ideas For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Great Ideas For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Once upon a time, a child’s birthday party was as simple as music, funny games, party food, and, of course, cake. These days, however, it’s likely that your child will want something a little more exciting. The good news is, if you’re looking for a different take on a birthday party for your kid, there are lots of out-of-the-ordinary ideas to choose from. However, before you start to book venues and events, it’s important to work out your budget. That way you’ll know exactly what you can achieve, and you won’t have to scale back after you’ve already booked. You’ll also need to take into account how many children are attending and plan accordingly. As long as you know what you are doing in advance and the entire duration of the party is covered, you should have a group of happy, tired children by the end of it. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Teddy Bear Party

Every little child has their favorite stuffed toy, the one they want to take everywhere with them. If you use that idea as the basis for a younger child’s party, you’ll have everyone enjoying themselves immensely. Work out a teddy bear’s picnic-themed meal and think of some games that the little ones can play with their toys such as ‘pin the tail on the bear’ and hide and go seek. You can even set up your home or a hired room to look like a forest or some other kind of fanciful toy town. Using picnic blankets on the floor, everyone can sit around and play fun games. At the end of the party, as a thank you, you can present each child with a brand new bear. You might even want to make this a game, like a treasure hunt.


Chocolate Making Party

All kids love chocolate, and it’s not something they get every day, so a chocolate making party is a real treat. It’s cheap too; you just need to invest in some plastic molds and baking chocolate as well as some lollipop sticks and other candies to decorate the chocolates with. It’s a task that will keep the children occupied for quite a while, and you can play music while they work, to keep them focused. Afterwards, everyone can enjoy snuggling up to watch a chocolate based movie, or if the weather is nice enough, they can go outside and do a chocolate hunt for more goodies.


Make Your Own Carnival Party

This idea might appeal more to those with a bigger budget, and more space to spare, but if you can pull it off, it’s a huge amount of fun. You’ll need to spend a few weeks planning and thinking about which games you can easily set up and play. You can make a backyard bowling alley, mini golf course, ring toss, have bikes and go-karts set out for racing, bring out a trampoline (or borrow one) for some jumping skills, and much more. The kids will be active and love the variety of games they can play. You could even put them into teams and make it all a competition. In addition, you can have popcorn and cotton candy stands, hand out balloons, and offer face painting.


Escape Room Party

An escape room party is a newer idea, but it’s something that no one is going to forget in a hurry. Escape rooms are organized puzzles, where participants are locked in a room, and they have to work out how to escape. Working together as a team, your children and their friends can solve puzzles and find clues that will help them. There is a time limit too, so they have to work fast (and that also means you know exactly when to move onto the next part of the day). Escape games can be the perfect way to entertain a group of older children. Afterwards, take them out for pizza and ice cream, and they can talk about how they managed to escape (if they did!) and how much fun they had.


Craft Party

Kids love to make things, and it seems that age and gender offer no particular barrier to this. Organizing a craft party is a great way to ensure that everyone has fun, and has something to take home with them at the end of the party. You can hire a professional to host the party, and they will bring all the tools and materials that are required, but if you prefer to do things yourself and you’re looking at a way to lower the cost, you can easily skip the professional. Simply buy some unpainted pottery, plain picture frames, design-free tote bags, and similar. Go to a craft store and buy the right kinds of glue, paints, and accessories to make these things look great, and let the kids go wild!


Scavenger Hunt Party

Scavenger hunts are exciting for kids of any age. The important part is to take your time when organizing the hunt so that it is just difficult enough to hold everyone’s attention. Too easy and it will be over in a flash, too hard and no one will want to keep at it. You might choose to give every child a different, personalized clue, and have them work against the clock to find the treasure. They could also work in teams, or you could make sure there was a gift for everyone so that they all take turns in finding something. An extension to this party idea is a geocaching party. A geocache is something that you need to use GPS to find, and you can download an app to do it. Follow the route, and you should come across a Tupperware box or similar, within which sits a notebook or piece of paper. Sign the paper and put the cache back where it came from for the next person to find. There are many caching routes that you can take, and it can be a truly fun hobby!


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