“Astronaut Annie” Children’s Book Review

“Astronaut Annie” by Suzanne Spade; illustrated by Nicole Tadgell


If you are looking for a new book to read to your children, I highly recommend Astronaut Annie. Check out my review on this book, and read why my kids absolutely love it.


About this book:

Annie’s joyful exuberance and her family’s whole-hearted support leave no doubt that her dream is within her grasp. This delightful story―with backmatter about women astronauts―encourages young readers to pursue their dreams and reach for the stars.

Career Day is approaching, and Annie can’t wait to show her family what she’s planning to be when she grows up. But, she must keep it a secret until Friday! So curious family members each ask Annie for a clue. Convinced that she’ll be a news reporter like he once was, Grandpop gives her his old camera and notebook to use for her presentation. Grandma is sure Annie wants to be a champion baker like her, so she offers a mixing bowl and oven mitts to Annie. Hopeful she’ll become the mountain climber he aspired to be, Dad gives Annie an old backpack. Mom presents Annie with a pair of high-top sneakers to pursue Mom’s favorite sport in high school — basketball.

Grateful for each gift, Annie cleverly finds a way to use them all to create her Career Day costume. When the big day arrives, Annie finally reveals her out-of-this-world dream to everyone.


This book is hardcover and has 26 pages. It is recommended for ages 5-8, although my almost 10 year old loved reading it. It is beautifully illustrated, and the font is a great size for my kids to read. My kids loved reading in anticipation to see what Annie will be on career day, and were constantly guessing if her relatives would guess what she will be before career day! This book kept them entertained, and I also enjoyed my 9 year old reading it to me. At the end of the book you get an awesome surprise, 4 pages about Women that have gone into space and facts about the moon! My kids were so excited to read up all about the women that have good into space,  It is the perfect book for any child that is starting to learn about space or has a love for it already,  If you are looking for a new book to give your child, consider Astronaut Annie!




You can pre-order this book through Amazon for $12.29. The book goes on sale on March 6, 2018. The retail price of this book is $17.95.

*I received a copy of this book to review. All my opinions are my own. 


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