Facet Jewelry Box Monthly Subscription Review

Do you love Jewelry? How about DIY projects and crafts? If so, you need to check out my review on the brand new Facet Jewelry Box Subscription. Facet Jewelry  monthly subscription boxes contain materials needed to create two beautiful and unique jewelry projects at home.


What is included in each box:

Quality Beads, Supplies, Patterns & Instructions

We provide all the supplies, so your time is spent creating beautiful jewelry pieces. Choose between Quick & Easy Stringing or Bead Stitching and we’ll do the rest. Each monthly box comes with complete instructions & all the supplies you need to complete 2 jewelry projects, how-to photography and illustrations ensure your success. You need only supply the tools for each project, such as scissors, wire cutters, and pliers. Project instructions detail which tools are needed for each project and they can be purchased at a discount in our online store.
Facet Jewelry offers two different monthly subscriptions based on your skill level. “Quick and Easy Stringing” is perfect if you are new to jewelry making or looking for quick & easy projects to show off.  “Bead Stitching” is perfect if you are looking for more advanced projects, ready to follow patterns and learn different beading stitches. Each box contains two jewelry projects to work on.
There are four different monthly plans to choose from, and each plan comes with free shipping. Below are descriptions of each plan with pricing.
Monthly Subscription
1 box per month with free shipping
Free Shipping
3 Month Subscription 
1 box each month for 3 months
$24.00 per month
Free Shipping
6 Month Subscription
1 box each month for 6 months
$23.50 per month
Free Shipping
12 Month Subscription
A whole year of Facet Jewelry!!
$23.00 per month
Free Shipping
I received the “Quick and Easy Stringing” box to review. The box came with a detailed instruction booklet which includes pictures to help. If you need more help they also offer links to online resources. The February 2018 box came with a necklace project and an earrings project. Everything you need is included HOWEVER the tools you need are not. Luckily, my husband had the tools required. If you do not have the tools you can order them from www.jewelryandbeadingstore.com. 
Pretty much the same tools will be needed for all of the projects, however I do wish an email would have been sent prior to me receiving the box so I would know what I would need.
I myself love jewelry, however I am not crafty or a DIY person. This was a bit of a challenge so I focused on the earrings which were a bit easier than the necklace. The earrings took my about 2o minutes total from start to finish to create. Pliers and wire cutters were needed for this project. I am very happy with how the earrings turned out, and cannot wait to show them off to my family/friends and let them know I created them myself.
In conclusion, these boxes are wonderful if you want to get creative by creating your own jewelry. The price of the subscription is very fair for the quality of jewelry you receive. They also have gift subscriptions available.
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*I received one jewelry box in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. 


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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