Investigating Insects – A Guide to Common Household Pests



If you are tired of welcoming in unwelcome guests, now is the time to think about pest control in Mornington to get the problem under control. Unfortunately, pests enter our homes, especially when the weather cools down or when they are after water and they can wreak havoc on your home and make it uncomfortable for you to live in.

Just because a pest enters your home does not mean that you have an infestation. However, there are some simple ways to prevent them from ever getting in, such as closing up any known spaces and cleaning up any food off of the counters.

Below, we will introduce you to some of the commonly spotted pests inside of homes, this way, you know what you’re looking at and how best to act.


Ants are one of the most common household pests and they can be difficult to control and get rid of too. Since they are found outside, especially in the garden, it is important to treat both the interior and exterior of the home for the best results.

Ants are usually drawn to food that has been left out overnight and may enter your home through an opening that you may not be aware of. If you notice ants in the bathroom, then they are likely coming in due to a search for water.


Cockroaches are dirty pests that can invade your home, whether or not your home is dirty or clean. These pests often make their way into your home from outdoors and then look for an optimum place to remain inside.

It is important to tackle any cockroach infestation you may have as female cockroaches can lay many eggs in a short amount of time.


A single termite infestation can destroy your home in a matter of no time at all. Typically, you will notice damage and signs that termites are present prior to actually seeing the termites themselves.

It is important that you do not disturb the termites if you do find them, as this will only allow them to travel to another area inside of the home. Since the termites often live in the wood, you should leave the wood or beams intact.

Termites must be handled by a licensed pest control specialist to ensure that they are removed from the home completely. Improper treatment can lead to re-infestation or infestation of nearby homes.


If you notice a spider in your home, you may be alarmed, and you may wonder whether or not it is venomous. One of the most commonly found spiders in homes in Australia is the Huntsman Spider. This spider is venomous, but the venom is not deadly to humans and in most cases, this spider will leave you alone; however, it may alarm you when you see it.

The Huntsman Spider is known to eat pests within the home, so sometimes they are good to have around, but if you do not want these guests in your domain, you can have them removed with a pest control service.

Tame Those Pests or Kick Them Out

You do not want to live in a home that is run by unwanted pests. Not only can these pests bring disease, they are not pretty either and may even haunt you in your dreams. Before you simply start to take a shoe to each one of the pests you see, try to identify the pest you are dealing with, as you will be able to deal with them more effectively this way.

No matter pest you may have in your home, do take extra steps to eliminate their desire to enter your home such as picking up rubbish around the house, cleaning countertops, and reducing leaks and sources of water which may attract them in the first place.



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