5 Simple Career Training Courses with Big Rewards


Feeling stuck in a rut with your career? There are so many way s you can switch things up a bit: the best way being to take a training course in your chosen field. This has two benefits–it helps you love your work again after doing the same boring job for a long time; and means you can make more money through becoming more qualified.

If you like the sound of this win-win scenario, we’re here to point you in the right direction.We’ve gathered all the simple training courses available for a variety of different career paths to hopefully give you an idea of how you can make your job more exciting again while staying in the same industry.

Without further ado, here are the top training courses that will reap big rewards for you.

  1. Health & Safety Course

This one is a catch-all course that almost every business needs. If you become the health and safety coordinator for your firm, you could be adding a big pay rise to your salary. From schools, public leisure facilities, stores, construction companies, old folk’s homes, hospitals, and beyond, every business that has staff and/or has customers on their premises needs to adhere to the latest safety regulations – you could be in charge of this by taking a health and safety training course.


  1. Building Contractor’s License

Contractors who hold a contractor license are more qualified, can become their own boss, gives them an advantage over other contractors and means they can charge more for their services. All it takes is a short course with a couple of exams at the end, and you’re free to expand your business. What’s more is that many of these courses have a no-fail guarantee on their exams – they will train and support you until you pass the exams. Make sure you check the regulations in your area, though: courses change between states. Regulations will be different in South Carolina than in Illinois, for example. Contact your nearest center to find out more.


  1. Teacher’s SEN Training

SEN stands for Special Educational Needs – training in this area makes teachers much more in-demand and able to work in more diverse settings. Every school needs a teacher who is equipped to teach children with special requirements such as learning difficulties, physical disabilities or dyslexia. SEN teachers can command a higher salary as they do a much more specialized job and must adapt to the needs of children in their care who need more attention than others. This is a very rewarding though challenging job; and the training will be rigorous but fulfilling.


  1. Mental Health Support Training

When working in social care, you can diversify by taking an in-depth mental health support course. These courses equip trainees with the sensitivity, patience and interpersonal skills needed to establish rapport between yourself and people in your care and advise those who are struggling with their mental health. Even if you don’t explicitly work in mental health, if you work with young people or as a housing officer for instance, it is incredibly useful for you and the people you advise if you are understanding of mental health issues and know how to spot them to help those in need.


  1. Business & Administration Course

These popular courses are run all over the world due to the transferrable skills they provide. In almost any business setting it is extremely helpful to learn best practices and how day-to-day operations work. They are useful for when you’d like to climb the career ladder in your company or want to start your own business. It will help you to improve upon your practical, customer service, communication, organization, event management and budgeting skills in an administration or office environment. What’s more is that these courses can often be found very cheaply or sometimes for free; whether you seek them out yourself or your workplace offers it to you.


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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