Get your Kids Active with Glow Battle by Starlux Games (Review)



If you have kids you must check out Glow Battle by Starlux Games. Glow Battle is a one of a kind battle experience for kids of all ages, and will get them off their electronics and outside having fun!



Be the first to get the Glow Battle:

  • Ditch the couch and save a life in this daring glow in the dark game of running and thwacking
  • Mother vs son, brother vs brother, friend vs. friend – all ages join in on the fun
  • Turn boring group outings into memorable adventures
  • Fast to set-up and easy to play for hours of fun
  • Develop social skills, teamwork and cooperation
  • Multiple game options to light up the night over and over
  • Because who doesn’t enjoy bashing friends and family with harmless weapons?


My kids ages 9 and 6 love playing with their toy light sabers and toy swords. I knew they would go nuts over Glow Battle. They were very excited to open the box when it arrived. The set I received  includes 10 Weapons of Light, 10 LED Bracelets and 8 marker lights. Colors are green and blue.  The Weapons of Light are made out of foam, so your child will not get hurt.



The game instructions are simple. Choose where you want to play (we played in the backyard at nighttime), choose your team color and teammates, turn on your weapon of light and your wristband to a solid color, place your color markers on the ground and make a square for your regen station, and then let the fun begin! If you get hit you must go back to your regen station and change your wristband to flashing mode. If you get hit a second time you are out of the game. If you knock all of your opponents out you win!  It is such a fun game for the kids to play at night or during the day. My kids have been asking nonstop to play this outside in the evening with their friends. They are having so much fun, and I am so glad it is keeping them active.


Here are the options for purchasing:

The full retail price is $59.90.  Right now the kits are all on Kickstarter and below are the kits and pledge amounts for the kits:
  • $25 – starter kit (includes 4 Weapons of Light, 2 LED Bracelets, 2 Marker Lights, all stretch goals, 100% money back guarantee)
  • $40 – Early Bird Glow Battle Kit, for the first 24 hours only (includes 10 Weapons of Light, 10 LED Bracelets, 8 Marker Lights, all stretch goals, 100% money back guarantee)
  • $48 – Glow Battle Kit, until 4/1 (includes 10 Weapons of Light, 10 LED Bracelets, 8 Marker Lights, all stretch goals, 100% money back guarantee)
  • $79 – Double Weapon Battle Kit, until 4/1 (includes 20 Weapons of Light, 10 LED Bracelets, 8 Marker Lights, all stretch goals, 100% money back guarantee)

Once the campaign is over, you will have options to purchase additional kit pieces, and glow in the dark specialty items like LED glow masks, light up gloves, etc. Everything you need to make your glow battle game as fun as possible!

Right now you can purchase Glow Battle at a 33% discount through midnight of 3/1. After that date you can receive a 20% discount until 4/1.

In conclusion: Glow Battle is super fun for kids of all ages. It gets kids off the couch and off electronics to having fun outside and being active with friends/family. I love how safe this game is, and I don’t have to worry about my children getting hurt.  This set would be perfect for an upcoming birthday party or family/friend get together.

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*I received the Battle Glow set in exchange for this review. All thoughts are my own. 


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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