Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Graduation

Finding a good gift for graduation can be an overwhelming task, and a gift that is both useful and thoughtful can be hard to come by. Below is a list of 14 graduation gift ideas for the upcoming graduate.

  1. Money

This is the most popular gift to give graduates around the world. Writing a check and giving it to the graduate is often the easiest way to give. In fact, this is one of the most wanted gifts by graduates.

  1. Gift cards

Another option to writing a check is giving a gift card. This ensures that the money is being spent on something useful. Grocery store gift cards to gas gift cards to clothing cards can all come in handy, whether it’s for the high school graduate heading to college or the college graduate heading into the professional world.

  1. Tablet

This can make a wonderful gift, especially for a high school graduate, as it can help with the college load. This can condense textbooks and notebooks from each class. Notes can be taken, tests can be studied, and digital textbooks can be downloaded all on to a tablet.

  1. Laptop

Any graduate can use a laptop computer, but especially high school grads who are college bound. These devices can help with note taking, papers, projects, and much more. The convenience of a laptop as opposed to a clunky desktop computer is one of its most alluring benefits.

  1. Dorm Room Furnishings

Giving the gift of furniture or decorative items for a dorm room can help the high school graduate save money for when the big move comes around. Bulletin boards, posters, bookcases, trunks, picture frames, and much more can be a great idea for any graduate.

  1. Watch

An old standby for a good graduation gift is a watch. Watches can be engraved to make the gift extra special for the graduate. Whether for the high school or college grad, a watch is a sign of a new level of maturity and responsibility. As an added bonus, it can help the grad be on time for class or a new job.

  1. Gift Basket

This is something akin to a care package. For graduates who are about to make a big move, a gift basket of necessary items can be a tremendous help.  Pack anything from dryer sheets and laundry detergent to toothpaste, soap, shampoo, floss, lotions, disposable razors, and many other items the graduate may not think of.

  1. Clothing

Often times graduates heading to college want to look part of the other students on campus. A gift that can help with the fitting in process is clothing. Maybe the graduate has a favorite television show or music group or movie that is popular, and there is apparel designed for that specific interested, such as this popular Game of Thrones hoodie.


  1. Camera

Graduation is one of those times when everyone wants to remember the memories being made; giving the gift of a camera can be a good way to capture those moments. Phones are popular for this, but instant cameras are gaining in popularity once again.

  1. Headphones

Headphones can be a great addition to a graduate’s repertoire. Studies have shown that listening to classical music can help a person retain information, making it a good option when studying for tests or getting ready for interviews. It also helps students to tune out distractions that could make studying harder.

  1. Bike

Bikes have become a good suggestion for gift giving when students are heading off to college.  It is a great form of exercise and is a very efficient way to traverse the campus or run errands.

  1. Prepaid Phone Cards

This is a good way for students to stay in touch with family members or friends all over the world. Graduates find this helpful if the cell phone being used is on a restricted plan.

  1. Backpack

A brand new backpack for a brand new schooling adventure is a good gifting idea. Giving a quality pack to the college-bound grad can ensure that heavy textbooks, laptops and tablets can be transported safely around campus.

  1. Mini Toolbox

A small toolkit can be a lifesaver for any student living away from home for the first time. A toolkit can be helpful with minor repairs or assembling furniture. These types of toolkits can be found at any hardware store.

15.  Light Up Shoes
Light ups shoes are once again back in style. These days they glow in 7 different neon LED colors, light up with multiple flashing settings and are also USB rechargeable with a 6 hour battery life. No doubt, a pair of ‘Light Ups’ certainly make for a cool gift for high school graduates.


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