When Is the Best Time to Have an Energy Drink?

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If you want to feel the effects of an energy drink at a specific time, you need to drink it about 30 to 60 minutes before then. Say, you need to feel strong and alert at 9 a.m. That means you should have the energy drink between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. There are a lot of factors that influence how an energy drink affects you physically, but depending on the exact contents of your drink, and the amount of sugar it contains, the effects will last for about six hours.

How Certain Factors Affect the Results of Drinking Energy Drinks 

In theory, drinking an energy drink should result in an increased flow of energy in your system, making you feel active and more mentally engaged. But the effects also depend on the ingredients of your drink and your condition at the time you drink it. The amount of sugar in the drink, your physical condition at the time, and the amount of physical activity you engage in after the drink all influence what effects you will feel.

These factors should explain why sometimes you feel the effects of the energy drinks kick in very shortly, while other times the effects take much longer to appear. And depending on the amount of physical exertion you involve yourself in, the effects could also remain for a long or a short period of time.

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There are certain activities that can really be boosted by energy drinks. Most of these activities require stamina or physical strength. So, what are some activities that we frequently have energy drinks for?

1. While engaging in sports and exercise 

Taking part in sports activities can exhaust you physically, especially if the sports you engage in require lots of stamina like triathlons and marathons. But in reality, all sports require you to be physically strong and have lots of stamina. Volleyball, basketball, swimming, tennis—they all need your strength to play well. An energy drink can help you go the extra mile when the game gets tough. 

2.  While partying day and night

 If you are out partying day and night, you will feel exhausted since you are up and about for longer than usual. Drinking a bottle of your favorite energy drink will help you stay up longer and have a good time at that party you’re at. An energy drink might also help you to mitigate that hang-over feeling after a night out.

 3. While at work 

If you want to avoid feeling sluggish at work after a night out, drinking an energy drink one hour before starting your work can help you improve your mental focus. Also, if you’re just having a tough day or really need to get that report out, an energy drink can help you overcome any obstacle in your way. 

4. While driving 

A long drive will make you sleepy, especially if you only slept a few hours before you started your morning trip. A bottle or a cup of energy drink will help you stay awake during that long drive and help you make sure you don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Be careful though. The best way to ensure you stay awake during your trip is to get plenty of rest before and take frequent breaks during your trip. Energy drinks are only there to support you on your road trip.



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