Busy Building – How to Maintain a Workout Regimen With a Hectic Schedule

We have all been there.  We write a well intentioned to-do list in the morning and “Exercise” seems to always make the list.  However, too often this is the activity that ends up the lonely uncrossed off item by the end of the day.   We all know how important exercise is.  That is why it always ends up on the list!  But why oh why do so many of us have a hard time prioritising it above all of the other things to do in our day.  A busy work schedule, juggling kids, a long commute;  these are a few reasons why many people find incorporating fitness into daily life a challenge.  If this sounds familiar and you are looking for inspiration on how to get fit amidst your busy schedule, then read on!

  1. Simplicity

Working out doesn’t have to mean two hours at a gym toning every muscle group in your body.  On the contrary, breaking up daily workouts into single muscle groups will yield far better muscle gain than overworking the whole body.  Whether you are hitting your neighbourhood gym or building a fitness room in your house, keep it simple.  The barbell is a perfect example of an important and versatile piece of equipment.   It can be used for various workout styles such as CrossFit, powerlifting, olympic lifting, functional fitness and overall general weight conditioning.

  1. Efficiency

If travel, long commutes and a busy schedule are getting in the way of a workout there is still hope for you to whip into good shape by the time beach season hits.  Creating efficient workout routines will be the key to your success.   Finding ways to workout at home to cut out the drive to the gym, or bringing simple equipment like a resistance band and jump rope traveling with you can ensure you get quick workouts in.  Alternating between running and interval training will build your fitness in no time and you can do them from wherever you are!

  1. Enjoyable

If you hate running, then don’t run!  There are countless ways to move your body to lose weight and build muscle.  Develop a workout routine that you enjoy and look forward to.  There are some days that getting those trainers on and getting out the door is difficult even for the greatest fitness enthusiast.  But when you find activity that you enjoy, once you begin you will never ever regret it.

  1. Scheduling

Exercising can’t just be something that you think you want to happen.  You need to plan for it, schedule it in, and make it happen.  At the beginning of each week write out a schedule of when you can fit in your workout.  Identify barriers that may derail your plans and ensure that exercise will always maintain a priority.  I find that sharing my schedule with my husband or a workout buddy really helps me stay accountable.

  1. Something is Better than Nothing

So, your morning meeting ran late and your lunch date wants to meet up early.   That means your scheduled 60 minutes to exercise has been cut to 30 minutes.  Rather than bagging the workout, see it as a 30 minute window to do something rather than nothing.  Walk the stairs in your office.  Put a podcast on and walk around the block.  Pull out your jump rope or yoga mat and get moving for as many minutes as you have available.

My favourite yoga teacher used to say “People ask how I always fit yoga into my life.  I respond by saying, I fit my life into yoga”.  There is a difference between people that always manage to cross exercise off their daily to do list and those that don’t; a great body.  Oh wait, and discipline.   If a regular workout schedule is what you are aiming for, then start small, be disciplined, have fun, and relish in the results!

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