Stop those nosey neighbours in their tracks with these Garden Privacy Solutions

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Is there anything worse than a nosey neighbour? We’d all like to get on with the people who live around us, but sometimes people make it so difficult to get along. We all have a nosey neighbour, someone that likes to comment on our business, tells others about what we’re “up to” and someone who pushes the boundaries of “neighbourly concern” – if you don’t think you have a nosey neighbour, you probably just haven’t realised it yet!

But don’t worry, there are ways we can give polite and helpful hints to our neighbours that they should mind their own business without causing friction or a confrontation. Here are a few ideas.

Obscure their view

Does your neighbour have a clear view into your garden? If your neighbour has a nasty habit of peering through a gap in the fence or heads to the higher points of their own property so they can see into yours better, then you should consider planting trees and bushes to obscure their view. A row of Evergreen Trees will not only look beautiful but will also do a fantastic job of blocking their view – click here for some ideas of what you could plant.

If they’re peering into your front windows and you have enough room, then try planting some bushes to obstruct them.


Wooden Fencing

Has your fencing seen better days? Perhaps it has gaps and holes and weak points throughout the perimeter of your garden. A strong, wooden garden fence is a straightforward, classic and simple way to keep those nosey neighbours at bay. It won’t look too out of place in your garden either, unlike a solid brick wall.


Hedges may take some time to grow, but if you’re looking for more of an eco-friendly solution then a hedge would be perfect. If you like the idea of hedges but don’t wait to wait for them to grow, then why not invest in some faux boxed hedges instead for instant privacy?

Potted plants

If hedges and fences are little expensive or perhaps too drastic then try a few large and bushy potted plants in the problem areas. You’ll need plants that spread out wide as they grow. Your garden will look great too!

Privacy Screens

Has your neighbour got a view onto your patio? Block their view instantly with some privacy screens. If you’re creative enough, these can be made out of anything. Old doors, old bottles, wood and aluminium, curtains and repurposed shutters, fabric, pallets and even chicken wire! If you’re not too handy in the creative department then invest in some bamboo screens, or wooden slatted screens instead. You can hang or even grow plants on them to make them seem a little more inconspicuous.

Growing tall, grasses in planters also serve as natural screens. Or if you want to keep your garden looking a little more traditional then try erecting some garden lattice and grow some plants on it.


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