How the iPhone Modernized Gaming

Every time a new iPhone is released, Apple stores become jam-packed with long lines of impatient customers waiting to get their hands on the freshest product. This is maybe because, with every new release, the quality of games that you can find here gets even better.

In this day and age, we might come to see miracles brought to life by the newest tech, such as highly developed artificial intelligence. However, what affects the lives of millions most is no sci-fi film material. Instead, what is actually changing your daily routines and shaping the media of today is the onset of small, convenient devices such as the iPhone.

The iPhone has affected gaming in more ways than one might think of at first. Namely, these pocket tech miracles seem to go perfectly hand in hand with the fast-paced modern lifestyle. The iPhone has made many activities, which used to require time and effort, available to you on the go.

Gaming is no exception to that rule. Today, gaming is no longer a hobby exclusive to PC and console fans. Thanks to the iPhone, a new form of gaming culture has arisen. Even though gaming on mobile devices had existed before the iPhone was released in 2008, it was only after that point that it changed the industry. Some names in the field have even come to say that this mobile gaming revolution is one of the most important things to ever happen to them.

The advent of mobile gaming

The beginnings of mobile gaming were rough compared to what is available today. The Apple App store started out as an experiment. However, even in the early days, the signs were clear that a new field was in the making. On the first day, the App Store received 500 app submissions, which was enough to surpass their expectations.

Today, however, people are making real, high-budget console games for the iPhone. Such games are no simple apps or scaled-down versions of older games. Instead, those are complex, fully developed products, cleverly putting the iPhone’s capacities to good use.

There is a reason why developers are keen on providing apps for the gaming app field. Namely, the mobile medium provides them with a way to put games in front of people who don’t play games. Mobile gaming is affecting the way the entire field is growing and spreading. Some even blame the gaming apps for the fact that there is less funding for PC and console releases. However, most users seem to prefer the smaller, cheaper, more accessible formats. As always, demand dictates the law of the market.

New mobile products, such as the iPhone X, have come a long way in terms of both hardware and software. With this modern tech, app developers have a lot to work with. The screen is large, the visuals are stunning, and the sound is crystal clear. You can even exploit other features, like the haptic feedback.

From the developers’ angle, there is more room for creativity than there has ever been before. That is how iPhone games have started modernizing every aspect of game design.

Merging with other industries

Somewhere during its ongoing growth, the gaming industry reached a point where it started to merge with other fields. The most notable example of that is the synergy between the field of mobile gaming and the up-and-coming online casino industry.

At first, online casinos were supplying a small, niche audience of users. With the advent of gaming apps, however, developers have come to realize that online casino games are games, too. Soon, more and more online casinos were becoming available on mobile devices. Under the wing of gaming app firms, it didn’t take long for online gambling to become a thriving industry.

Some of the most celebrated mobile casino makers come from Scandinavia. On pages such as the Norwegian Spilleautomater, you can find carefully compiled lists of the highest rated online slots providers, both local and global.

Thanks to mobile casinos, virtual gambling is becoming yet another facet of modern iPhone gaming. This field is growing at such speed that the web is becoming flooded with detailed studies and reviews. For example, take a look at this website listing casino reviews.

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What next?

What could be the next big thing the iPhone gaming craze brings? Anyone able to make a good guess could turn it into a great business opportunity. The rest of us will just have to wait and see for ourselves.


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