Modern Workplaces – 5 Benefits of a Serviced Office and Why You Need One



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As a small business or start-up owner, there’s no doubt you already know that leasing office space is an enormous expense. As well as the cost of rent, you also have to shell out significant sums for everything from technology and furniture through to utilities and maintenance. With the rise of flexible working, serviced offices in prime locations offer a popular and attractive solution for business owners looking for something outside the realm of traditional office space without the staggering costs. Here, we look at five key benefits of serviced offices and why they’re a viable solution for any business owner:



If you’ve been running your business out of your home, a serviced office may be just what you need to give your organisation a professional edge. There are plenty of quality serviced offices available in pretty much any major city that look stunning and modern and are equipped with the latest technology, offering your business the ideal platform to focus on growth. Additionally, inviting clients to meet with you at your new centrally located office, rather than your study at home, will help to make a positive and professional first impression.


Pay as You Go

Another significant benefit of serviced offices is that you’ll only ever pay for what you use, which can help you save thousands of dollars in the long run. Most providers help you tailor a package to suit the requirements of your business and offer additional facilities for hire only when you need them, such as boardrooms and workshop spaces. Likewise, if your company goes through an unexpected period of growth, it’s simple to upgrade your package to include more room to accommodate your new staff members.



If you’re in the process of establishing your business and aren’t certain whether you should commit to a long-term lease in case your venture doesn’t work out, opting for a serviced office is the perfect solution. Most serviced office providers ask for rent payments on a rolling month-to-month basis, which gives your business freedom and flexibility that you otherwise wouldn’t have with a traditional office.


Support Services

When your business is in its initial stages or experiencing a significant growth period, it can be challenging to focus on time-consuming and mundane administrative duties. Fortunately, most serviced offices offer expert administrative and secretarial facilities should you need them. These include telephone answering and mail services to keep your business running smoothly. Many also provide on-site technical and IT support to assist you in case your technology encounters issues.


No Downtime

Setting up a new office space is a lengthy and often stressful process that can interrupt how your business operations for weeks as you manage the transition. With a serviced office, this issue is eliminated since your new office space will be ready to go from the moment you step through the door. This allows you to continue focusing on your business without waiting around for furniture companies to deliver your office chairs or internet and phone providers to connect your essential services.


Entering a long-term commercial lease agreement is a significant commitment that doesn’t allow for breathing room should things not go to plan. Unforeseen hurdles may put your business at risk of losing significant amounts of money. Fortunately, serviced offices provide tailored, flexible solutions that grow with your business and take the stress out of having a professional office space while saving you thousands in the process.



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