Three Hobbies That Can Actually Make You Money




Hobbies are a great way to pass the time. They serve as a diversion, a mode for one to relax and relieve stress after a busy week at work. But hobbies aren’t just for fun. They can be profitable too!

Through a hobby, you can still be productive while destressing in your downtime. In fact, some people earn money on the side through their passions, and others even leave their day jobs to dedicate more time to their craft.

If you do want to follow suit, you must be certain that your passion is truly lucrative before you tender your resignation to become a frustrated artist. Go over this list, and think twice if your favorite pastime isn’t included.


If you’ve got a gift and a passion for the written word, then you can write for a living. Yes, you can make money from your words!

Are you familiar with how the internet works, with how online businesses thrive? Basically, the more relevant content their websites contain, the higher they’ll rank in search engines, and the quicker they’ll be seen by potential customers. This also means that the internet is highly dynamic, and online businesses rely on a constant influx of content to survive.

Enter you, the writer. You are one of the crucial cogs to producing content. It is your words that enable companies to rise ranks in search engines. Many business hire freelance writers to write content for their websites.

However, if you’re thinking of turning writing into a full-time job, which is feasible if you can write, step away from your computer and work using a smart typewriter. That way, you won’t be distracted by games and apps and will churn out more quality content. The better and faster you write, the higher you can set your rate.


Crafting is an umbrella term for a number of different hobbies. However, they share one common aspect. They are all geared toward creating objects from raw materials.

Though there are corporations that manufacture products in bulk, there are still consumers who buy crafted products from small-time artisans一perhaps such items are cheaper, better in quality, or more charming. Society loves innovation, and if you’re able to produce creative and excellent work, you may be able to put up a business of your own.

With today’s technology, you can even operate online so it’ll be more convenient and you’ll have more access to people around the world. You can use affordable craft supplies, and you won’t have to worry about overhead expenses typical of physical storefronts.

You may even get a huge amount of commission! And if you’ve built up your portfolio, some of those requests may come from influential sources that can boost your exposure, thereby giving you much-needed advertising.

At the very least, you’ll sell a few trinkets to tourists. Not too bad considering that it’s just a hobby.


Ever heard of esports? Gamers compete with one another in tournaments, and whoever wins gets the pot, which can sometimes reach millions of dollars, depending on the scale of the tourney. It’s a lucrative hobby that people with money even started team franchises and training them up like real athletes.

However, by that time, gaming becomes more of a job than a hobby, and if you’re not that elite you don’t want to risk time and dedication for competitive play, there are alternative ways you can make money off video games.

One method is through streaming. Basically, whenever you play a game, you log in to a streaming platform ( being the most popular) then broadcast your game live.

Other users of that platform can subscribe to your “channel” to watch you play. There are many ways one can earn through those channels, but commonly, one can get a portion for the view count for every broadcasted video or for the number of subscribers you have.

But why do people watch other people play games? Well, like in traditional sports, streaming is a form of entertainment, one that’s fast becoming legitimate in modern society. Which is why there are many people out there who can live off YouTube and Twitch, playing video games.

Didn’t See Your Hobby in the List?

These three are just atypical examples of hobbies that can start a career. If your passion isn’t listed above, you may still be able to make a bit of cash with it provided you’re really, really, really talented in your field.

All you need is to find the right audience/clientele to focus your efforts on. Today, it’s easy to do that with the Internet at your fingertips.

Knowing that, if you’re still planning to leave your job to pursue your passion, do so only after you have a steady income from doing it. When you earn more from your hobby than your job, then that’s the perfect time to turn your hobby into your livelihood.


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