Time to Train – 5 Secrets to Keeping Fit for the Time Poor



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Meetings, deadlines, parental responsibilities, cooking, attending social engagements – our lives have become increasingly chaotic. After battling it out with commitments, exercise can often be relegated to the last thing on our minds. This lack of physical activity leads to reduced stamina, dull skin, and flabby arms and tummy, among problems. Research shows that regular exercising – even for 20 minutes – not only helps us stay physically fit but also improves our emotional and mental well being. Physical activity need not be time-consuming, and with some research and creative thinking, exercises can comfortably fit into our busy lifestyles. Here are: five secrets to staying fit for the time poor.


Get A Personal Trainer

It may seem like yet another commitment to add to the list, but investing in a personal trainer will get you motivated to commit to your fitness plan. They can give you personalized advice on what kind of exercises you can do by yourself at home and help you learn the best ways to achieve your fitness goals, whether that’s weight loss or just improving general health. Moreover, they can also create customized fitness plans that will perfectly integrate with your busy schedule.


Lifestyle Change

Incorporating little changes to our lifestyle can make a significant difference. Instead of sitting on the couch while watching TV, do a couple of Power Yoga steps. While using public transport, get down a stop or two before your actual destination and walk the remaining distance. Pack yourself a healthy, portion-controlled lunch, rather than eating out at cafes or restaurants. Ten minutes before leaving the house in the morning, do some crunches or push-ups. They will give you toned arms, a flatter stomach, impart a healthy glow to your skin and make you feel pumped through the day.


The Two Ps

Pushups and planks are indeed tough, but the results are worth the pain. They are also probably two of the most accessible exercises and can be performed just as easily while waiting for your pasta to cook or for your kids to come home, as they can before hitting the hay. When done regularly these exercises will not only help you gain a toned body but also improve your core strength aerobic fitness.


Yoga It Up!

Yoga, as attested by celebrities world over, is probably the most relaxing and beneficial of all exercises. Surya Namaskar, a 12-step yoga exercise, is a fast yoga fan favourite. It helps build your stamina and energy, tones your arms and legs and make your skin glow. If you don’t have time to visit a yoga centre, just log onto YouTube and watch some instructional yoga videos for beginners. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to do practice the various postures and poses in minutes. You can do these simple exercises before going to work, while taking a break, or after getting returning home, making them convenient and flexible.


Seven Minute Apps

For the truly time poor, there are always the seven-minute apps. Research has proven that an intense workout for seven minutes can have hugely beneficial results. There are numerous apps available on Google Play Store and iTunes that can assist you with this. You can log on and get a serious workout any time of the day, and it doesn’t have to leave a massive hole in your hectic timetable.


Our generation is chronically time-poor, with all of us juggling multiple balls seemingly at all times. However, in this chaos of tasks, it’s important to remember to take a few moments out for some self-care.



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