5 Ways How I Protect Health of My Family

My family has and will always remain my greatest support system in life. The presence of my loved ones during hard times is the ultimate pillar that keeps me grounded, regardless of the storms coming my way. In respect to that, going the extra mile to ensure their wellbeing by creating an environment that is both healthy and safe for them is something that comes naturally to me. Below are five ways that I use to ensure I protect the health of my family.


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Having a budget

Without financial stability, keeping my loved ones healthy is a task that is close to impossible. Therefore, one of the main steps I take towards safeguarding their health is setting a budget. This is especially important because life is a journey full of valleys and peaks and as such, you can never rely on your income. Setting a budget allows me to cover current bills and save to ensure that whichever valley my family finds itself in, we can walk right through it without fear.

Ensuring good eating and drinking habits

As humans, our nutrition usually determines our wellbeing. Good nutrition helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight thereby reducing the risk of chronic ailments such as diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. It is in respect to this that I always set my budget in such a way that it creates room for healthy dieting. This includes incorporating fruits and vegetables in my family’s diet and because taking whole fruits and veggies can prove to be incredibly tiresome and monotonous, I usually spice things up by making fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices. This is a great alternative especially for members of my family who can’t stand seeing a piece of fruit or vegetable on their plate. It is in respect to this fact that I always choose a good juicer machine as it enables me to create incredible smoothies and juice cocktails that my family enjoys. Additionally, to maintain our health, I also incorporate exercises as part of the plan to ensure a completely healthy lifestyle.

Waging war on allergens and bacteria

Indoor allergens and bacteria are always a nuisance. Once one member of my family gets flu or cold, it means that all of us will soon be infected. Additionally, moisture-related allergens such as dust mites, mold, mildew and dander pose a serious health threat to us all. To ensure that we are all safe, I wage war on allergens, bacteria and other viruses by air purification. I ensure that the atmosphere within my living space is not only safe but also comfortable by making sure that my HVAC system and dehumidifiers are running efficiently.

Health insurance

As mentioned earlier, life is unpredictable. One minute you’re okay and having a good time with your loved ones, the next you might be bedridden due to the ailment. This is why I always make sure that my health insurance premiums are paid for every month, as it ensures that my loved ones are covered during those unexpected and unplanned moments when one of them falls sick. Besides, a health cover guarantees them access to qualified medical care in case of an emergency or during medicals without me having to worry about the burden of huge medical bills.

Educating them on why it is important to stay healthy

Lastly, I always ensure that my loved ones are informed about why it is important to stay healthy. As shown earlier, not each one of them loves having broccoli for supper. Additionally, not everyone loves having a vegetable smoothie or working out but I change this by educating them on the essence of doing so and why it is beneficial to make healthy choices. This makes it easier for me to have everyone on my health train and additionally, ensuring that they remain in this train even when am not around.

In a nutshell, my family is my everything, and as such, their health has and will always remain one of my top priorities.



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