Basepaws Cat DNA/Genetics Test Kit Collection (Initial review)


There are so many companies out there right now that can send us kits to check human DNA, health, genetics…etc. Believe me, I have researched and found it all so very interesting. I always thought though…what about my non human fur baby? You never know what kind of DNA your fur child has. We adopted our sweet Scarlet in 2014 from a shelter. We were told she was a stray found at McDonald’s. She is now almost 5 and seems to be in perfect health. I would love to know more about her health and DNA though. I researched and found that there is a company especially for my sweet kitty. Let me introduce you to Basepaws!


One simple cat DNA test, 
a lifetime of discovery.


How Does This Work?

Basepaws gets DNA from your cat’s hair and cheek cells. Most of the hair DNA comes from the living part of the fur — the follicle that is closest to the skin.

Because sometimes we can’t get enough fluff!
We also get DNA from other cells, like cheek cells that rub off onto a cotton swab.

home cat tail
What will I find out about my furry friend?
Health DNA Test for CatsHealth Info
  • Simple Disease Markers in Genetic Test for Cats

    Simple Disease Markers*

  • Spolycystic kidney disease (pkd) in cats

    Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)*

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) in cats

    Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)*

  • Comparative analysis of the cat genome

    Comparative Markers*

  • Complex Disease Markers

    Complex Disease Markers*

  • Personalized Medicine for Pets

    Personalized veterinary medicine*

Cat ancestry DNA testAncestry Info
  • Cat inbreeding DNA test


  • Cats - Maternal and Paternal Tracing

    Maternal and Paternal Tracing*

  • Cats Breed Index

    Breed Index *

  • Family tree, Percent of breeds, percent breeds by chromosome of Cats

    Family tree, Percent of breeds, percent breeds by chromosome*

Best Genetic Testing Services for CatsFeatures
  • Send CatKit DNA report to vet

    Send report to vet*

  • Cat Health Assessment

    Health and wellness assesments*

  • Make decision based on genetically similar cats

    Make decision based on genetically similar cats*

Fun Cat Facts by BasePaws DNA TestFun Facts
  • Wild Cat Index

    Wild Cat Index *

  • Kitten Predicted Weight

    Predicted weight*

  • Cats Personality Traits


  • Predicted user submitted traits of Cats

    Predicted user submitted traits*

  • Catnip


The cost of this kit is $95. Below are the details when you order your kid.

Order Details

  • Expect results 8-12 weeks after we receive your sample at the lab. However, processing times may vary and it may take up to 5 months to receive your results. We are doing our best to make it faster!
  • Ships in 3-4 business days.
  • Free shipping and return shipping in the continental U.S. included. $15 for International shipping.
  • Reach out to us for a bulk discount if you are buying 3 or more kits (
  • By purchasing the test before January 1st, 2019 you’ll get a lifetime of free updates!

I received a small envelope collection kit in the mail. When I opened it, it included the cat DNA kit, thorough instructions, 2 really cute decal stickers and a return envelope. All and all it looked and seemed a very easy process.

When you receive your kit it will instruct you to log in and activate it. Once you create your cat’s profile you can add a photo of your cat and also type up a little story about your furry friend. Then it will prompt you to activate your kit. Your activation code can be found in your kit you received. Once you enter the code and save, you are done with that part! Now comes collecting your cat’s DNA.

My kit contained only tape for the hair, no mouth swab. I had my husband hold Scarlet so I could collect the hair. It was easy and painless to her. Once completed I followed instructions how to put it in the envelope. I then mailed it off! The instructions say the company will notify me once they receive it. The process was so simple!

I am so excited to receive the results! Once I do I will be doing another review on Scarlet’s results. We will be anxiously waiting!

In the meantime, please visit their website for more information/to order.  Basepaws


*I received this kit in exchange for my honest opinion. 







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