When You Can’t Have Children

For anyone trying to build a family, any kind of obstacle getting in the way can prove to be concerning. At worst, it might be such a spanner in the works that you are completely distraught, left to wonder how you can possibly continue to try and create life. The truth, as ever, is much more comforting than you might think: generally there are always options you can follow to have a baby, even if at first it seems as though all is lost. Bearing that in mind, and making yourself more aware of what those options might entail, you might soon discover some methodology which is suitable to you and your situation. To give you some idea – and with any luck, some hope – of what you might be able to do, let’s look at some of the common options.

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First Of All: Persistence


If you haven’t actually been officially told that you have some kind of a gestation problem, then there is a chance that you have just been unlucky so far. It is therefore worth persisting before you look into other, perhaps more stringent, efforts, as it could be that you might still be able to get pregnant with a little luck. If you have been trying for a great deal of time already, then hearing the advice to merely ‘stick it out’ might seem downright insensitive. But the statistics tell us that it is often the case a couple will conceive long after they think all is lost, so it is still advice worth hearing and sharing. Consider it at least before you try for other options, or until you are advised by your doctor to seek out other routes. You might also want to try methods for improving the likelihood of conception along the way too, if you haven’t already done so to a large degree.



If you have discovered that you are certainly infertile, you still have a number of paths to pursue if you so wish. Arguably the most common one of these, or at least the most common first choice, is surrogacy. This is simply when you have someone else carry the baby for you before giving birth and handing over the child to you. It goes without saying that this must be done above board, through the proper legal proceedings, as otherwise it could be a much messier circumstance – and might end up with you disappointed anyway. If you do decide to go down the surrogacy route, you will find it enormously helpful to take on the advice and integrated services of a surrogacy agency like ConceiveAbilities. This is likely to be helpful for a number of reasons primarily. Most obviously, they will generally have a larger pool of individuals to choose from, and this means that you are more likely to find someone who is suitable to be a surrogate. But, just as importantly, they can offer you advice and support along the way far above and beyond what you can probably expect to receive in a traditional hospital setting. This alone can make it worthwhile, and doubly so if it proves to be an effective method for your circumstance.



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For one reason and another, adoption is very often painted as being the last resort, but this may be an unfair dismissal. Actually, adoption is a viable and handy way to be able to live the kind of family life you want without hindrance – and it happens to carry the extra advantage of being a good communal move to make. In other words, you are likely helping out people in your local community if you go down the adoption route, so it’s certainly something you will want to consider even just for that reason. Nonetheless, it’s not for everyone, and there is no shame to be found in not wanting to adopt a child at any age or time in your life. Besides, it’s still not the only option.

Infertility Research

Something else you might want to consider doing is putting yourself up for some infertility research. If you are keen to try and help others – while perhaps also finding a solution for yourself – then this can be a good way to reach both of those noble ends. You will find sign-ups for infertility research programmes at many clinics and specialist centres, so it might be worth keeping an eye out for them. It could be your key – and the key for many other families – to being able to expand your family.


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