6 Cute Phone Accessories That Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

With the holidays fast approaching, everyone is in gift-buying mode. Phone accessories are a great – and often overlooked – option. Not many people think to gift them, but almost anyone will be grateful to receive them, making them perfect for everyone on your list.  

Check out a few of the accessory ideas below to help you get started; they’ll make perfect gifts for everyone – even the person who has everything!



  1. Eye-Catching Cases  

One of the easiest gifts to give someone is a cute new phone case. They come in an infinite variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and everyone needs one. Some people even like to have multiple cases! There’s something for everyone – the choices are endless.

The trendiest designs right now are:

  • Marble
  • Glitter
  • Floral
  • Geometric
  • Astrology
  • Gradient

You can start browsing phone cases on the online shop from Casely, Amazon, or your local electronics retailer. Unlike the phones themselves, cute cases are super easy to find for a great price!

  1. Cell Phone Holders

 You might be surprised to find out how cute they can make something that sounds as practical as a cell phone holder. These desktop accessories come in all shapes and sizes, from plush elephants to wooden calico cats.

Some are simply a spot to put your phone while you’re not using it so that you don’t lose it. Others double as charging stations. Whatever you need, you’re sure to find a phone stand that’s as unique as the person you’re gifting it to.

  1. Wireless Headphones  

What’s the worst thing about conventional headphones and earbuds? The wires. They’re always getting tangled, broken, or in the way. Wireless headphones are the way to go – we’ve been heading in that direction since Apple got rid of the headphone jack. A bunch of newer phones have followed suit, and not to just to protect the phone batteries.

A cute pair of wireless headphones can be as stylish as a pair of earrings. In colors like silver, gold, and rose gold, you never have to settle for boring white or black!

Once you’ve experienced the joy that is wireless headphones, there’s no going back. Whether its over-the-head headphones or Bluetooth earbuds, these are sure to be a crowd pleaser. There are tons of different models – some for casual use, others for working out, and even some that are noise cancelling.

  1. Pop Sockets and Phone Rings  

Another great gift that everyone is sure to love is a pop socket or a phone ring. They are more than just cute – they help you keep a steady grip on your phone and can be used to support the phone when set down, for example, if you wanted to set it on the side and watch a movie.

They’re great for those with smaller hands or larger phones – and let’s be honest, these days, all phones are huge. Both pop sockets and phone rings come in almost any color or design. You can even get your own custom made!

  1. Cable Buddies 

Looking for a cute stocking stuffer? A Cable Buddy is an adorable accessory that attaches to any phone charger. Taking the shape of cats, dogs, chameleons, and even Pokémon, they aren’t just cute – they also help to protect your cord from wear and tear.

The Cable Buddy attaches at the end of the cable (the part you plug into your phone), so it looks like the animal is taking a bite out of your device! Kids love ‘em, and you’ll love that they’re super affordable.

  1. Phone Ring Lights

For the selfie queen in your life, an LED phone ring light makes the perfect holiday gift. These round lights attach to the top of your phone to provide optimal selfie lighting anywhere, anytime. While the ring itself may not be too cute, the pictures you can take with one will be!

Find Something for Everyone on Your List

It seems like nearly everyone has a smartphone nowadays, so you can’t go wrong with a cute phone accessory gift this holiday season. Happy shopping!


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