Basket Case – Make Laundry Day the Best Day



Chores. The mere mention of the word is enough to make you shudder and wither up and die a bit, isn’t it? Unfortunately, once we grow up and leave home, chores become as much a part of life as work. There’s no excuse, they just need to be done. Yet everyone has their preferred chores. Some people would rather wash the dishes than vacuum the floor, while others love to dust but can’t abide cleaning the bathroom. Or, perhaps the thought of laundry day turns your stomach? So if doing your clothes washing makes you plain riled up, read on to learn how to avoid becoming a basket case while doing your laundry.

You Need the Right Tools for the Job

Laundry day is like any other chore or task, it becomes easier with the right tools. A pair of good, deep laundry baskets is a great place to start. If you get big enough ones, all your laundry from each load should fit in them, meaning that you can make a trek out to the line in one go instead of going back and forth and wasting time and energy. Make sure to grab good quality baskets too. It can be tempting to go for bargain basement deals but like most cheap products these are inferior and will break before you know it. So spend a bit more and get something that will last a while.

Make it Fun

Laundry can be fun, if you do it right. One hot tip is to listen to some of your favourite music as you work. This can make any mundane task fly right by as you groove out to some classic hits or contemporary beats. If you don’t have a stereo that’s fine, you can just pop in your headphones and the time will pass quickly.

Also, if music’s not your thing you could always catch up with some friends and family over the phone. Again, bust out the headphones and make some calls. You can chat and discuss events in your life while you hang up or fold the washing.

Save Money

It can be tempting to throw every washing load straight in the dryer once it’s done washing, can’t it? While this may give the impression of saving time, it’s actually costing you money. Dryers suck power to create all that heat and motion. If there’s some sun outside then hang out your washing the old fashioned way. If it’s rainy then can you hang them on an indoor clothesline or clothes horse instead? If it’s winter and you already have the heater running the double up on it and hang your clothes near it to dry.

If you absolutely must use the dryer then try to do a few loads in a row, as it will stay hot and use less power as it stays on for multiple loads.

Don’t Let it Pile Up

A common mistake that many people make is letting their laundry pile up until there’s a giant Mount Doom of dirty clothes to clean. This can be overwhelming and make the chore harder than it has to be. So try to make laundry day every two to three days so you save your sanity and it’s a smaller task that is easier to carry out.

All Done!

There you are. Grab a few decent laundry baskets, and pop on some music or make some calls as you work. Save money by hanging clothes outside or indoors and not using your dryer unless you need to. Finally, don’t let it pile up and you’ll have an easier time of it.



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