Hot Jobs – 5 Options for Building a Fruitful Career


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When you invest the best hours of your week in your career, you expect that investment to both show dividends now and have strong future potential. That is not always the case. Some professions and industries are on the decline. If you are considering a shift to a job that is in hot demand and promises a great future, there is significant opportunity in the five options below:

Commercial Real Estate Agent

If you see yourself as an entrepreneur and place a high value on a flexible schedule and unlimited income potential, becoming a commercial real estate agent could be your calling. Your job would be to help clients to lease, sell or buy commercial properties that will be used for business purposes. Commercial real estate is a highly lucrative sales field that requires a competitive and persevering spirit because the majority of earnings are commission based.

Educational Requirements: State license, obtained through 30-90 hours of coursework or a 4-year degree in Real Estate

Registered Nurse

If you love to help people with medical, health or emotional issues, there is a great future career opportunity as a Registered Nurse. It is expected that employment in this field will increase by more than 700,000 jobs in this decade. If you have a little wanderlust, travel nurses are in huge demand and command higher salaries.

Educational Requirements: 2-3 year Associates Degree from an accredited school, Nursing License, travel nurses may require additional licenses

Software Developer

Can’t get enough of technology? If you are interested in creating computer programs, apps, networks or systems, this could be the job for you. According to numerous studies and reports, there will be 254,000 more software development jobs by 2026. Every day the world becomes increasingly more dependent on smartphones, computers, tablets and the apps they offer so the need for Software Developers will continue to grow.

Educational Requirements: 4-year degree in computer science or a related field.

Data Scientist

If you geek out on data, this could be your future career. A Data Scientist creates models and interprets data that drives significant corporate decisions in every industry. It has been listed as the Best Job in America three years in a row, due to factors such as high job satisfaction, job availability, and salary.

Educational Requirements: Undergraduate degree minimum, Master’s degree with an additional certification common, PhD common


According to, 10 out of the top 25 hottest jobs in 2018 were in Construction, meaning that there is an excellent potential for a fruitful career in this industry. Some of the top-ranked posts in 2018 were Construction Estimator, Commercial Project Manager, and Project Superintendent. If none of those titles interests you, there is a huge need for skilled workers in the various trades that perform the different stages of construction. This profession has a great future—demand for property development will only increase alongside population and economic growth.  One critical note, career success in this industry often requires travel.

Educational Requirements: GED, Apprenticeship Program (for trade work or work managing trades), Degree in Construction Management

As you can see, there is an excellent career opportunity for a variety of different interests. If you enjoy sales and entrepreneurship, there is Commercial Real Estate. If you desire to help people, the healthcare field is rich with opportunity for Registered Nurses. If you are technologically inclined, software development is poised to explode. And while every industry needs the Data Scientist skillset, the Construction industry promises jobs for every level of worker.



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