Mother of Multiples – How to Handle Family Outings as a Parent of Twins


Twins are an absolute delight, discounting the fact that all your planning and procedures go out the door as soon as you set off for a family outing. Now just because you have no evidence of a perfect outing yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Take control of your double trouble and start looking forward to family excursions and events, rather than turning them down.

Find a prime pram

A pram is like the third parent, invaluable in keeping things together and always there to hold the little ones. Although it’s not as simple as buying the first double pram model you see, so take your time and do your research so you roll away with the best pram for your family. Beyond the fact that the pram needs to accommodate two babies, you should also look for attributes that will suit your need and lifestyle. Maybe you are after a compact model, a jogger pram, right down to colour and material preference. Whichever double pram you select, get acquainted with it before you roll into your family outing.

Alternate floor to hold

Your family outings are likely taking place in areas that are kid-friendly, which is a good start. This will allow you and your partner to alternate between the two bundles by putting them on the floor and then holding them, letting them explore and be cuddled. Not only does this wear them out and ease them into an afternoon nap, it’s actually a great sensory experience that allows you as parents to take a break share the burden around. Pack your pram with a few floor mats so that you can lay them out and have your little ones roll and recline as they wish.

Sleep train your twins

Sleep training are the two magic words that can tame your two not-so-magical babies, and give you your life back. Sleep training will be critical in creating a routine in your home, that will eventually allow you to stick to plans and attend outings with your extended family. Sleep training is a relatively new concept, tweaked and updated from previous well-known parenting styles. That means whatever parent you identify as, there will be some sleep training wisdom that will resonate and be applied to your life. Unfortunately, it does not happen overnight, and you can probably expect even longer with twins in tow.

Don’t turn down support

In the first few years of parenthood, you can feel isolated in your own circumstances. Unable to get everything done and overwhelmed at the magnitude of the days. It’s imperative that you do not turn down support, and choose to share the load of taking care of your twins. Next time you are planning a family outing, make sure your partner can be there to assist, as well as a few helpful aunts or uncles.

Bring more than you think you need

There is no telling what mood your twins will be in, and just how many times that mood will change. One of your strongest lines of defence is going to be having toys and pacifiers at your disposal to distract and detain your little ones. As a rule of thumb, try and bring a good variation of things to play with, because you know how often the preferences of babies can change.


Well, hopefully you are feeling a little more confident and prepared in your upcoming family outing, armed with the skills and tips to make it a memorable occasion – for all the right reasons! Your pram is going to be a godsend for raising twins, so make sure that is a decision you take time with.



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