Little Ms. or Mr. Clean— 3 Tips to Inspire Your Children to Become Tidy Adults

Children are messy, and parents know this all too well. Maybe as your child grows up, they will just learn tidy habits, but this is not always the case. If they are the messy sort it may be a good idea to teach them a few things so that when they move out to college or their own place, they can keep their space neat and tidy.


Yes, this will be an exhausting task for you at first, but it will pay off big time for both you and your children in the long run.

1. Learn Which Chores Kids Can Do at Different Ages

Some of you may roll your eyes at this because your little Suzie knows how to unload the dishwasher. That is a great start! Now what about the rest of the house?

Many parents are surprised and delighted to learn their children are capable of doing specific chores at a fairly young age. This means your little ones can help clean up the messes they are making.

You can encourage your child to start picking up after themselves as early as ages 2-3. Kids can even begin learning how to vacuum and mop at age 6-8. There are many different suggestions for chores at different ages online.

Of course, every parent knows each child develops at their own rate, but that should not scare you from at least experimenting to see what they are capable of.

2. Mix It Up

It is a smart idea to develop schedules so your child can get certain chores done. Schedules are organized, predictable, and they work. Another thing to keep in mind though is that you are working with children. Children who have short attention spans and get bored very easily.

Since they are still kids, you may need to mix up the routine to keep things interesting. One day have them unload the dishwasher, the next day teach them to vacuum and sweep, then go on to teaching them how to wipe down the bathroom.

This way your children will gain a well-rounded set of skills. As opposed to them becoming master dishwashers that are incapable of doing their laundry as they grow up.

3. Encourage Them

Find what chores your kids enjoy (or dislike the least) and encourage them. Positive reinforcement goes a long way. If your child does not mind vacuuming, encourage them by saying they did a great job. Even the next day, remind them again how good the room looks and thank them for their help.

As parents, it is easy to criticize and correct how children do things. Even if it is not perfect, continue to encourage them. Encouragement should take place more often than correction or criticism.

Even if you have shedding animals and your children cannot perfectly vacuum the floor, continue to encourage them. may have some useful suggestions for your hairy home so the task can be accomplished without too much correction or criticism.

Last but not least

It’s always a game of give and take and there may be mishaps along the way. Everything is a learning curve for your child, and they will eventually have those tidy habits down to a fine art. Help them along the way with tips and tricks and give them positive reinforcement, so they don’t give up thinking they are doing the wrong thing.

Your children may be more capable than you trust them to be. It will take a bit of time to become the perfect helper but it will be well worth the trials in the long run.


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