Making Life Easier for Your Child Who Uses a Wheelchair


If you’re a mom of a child who uses a wheelchair, you may already know that there are some things your child may not be able to do like other children. Playing sports, getting in the car, or using stairs can often be more difficult.

Though these tasks can seem daunting, you should know that there are many options to make your life and your child’s life much easier in the day-to-day! Here is a list of 5 ways you can make the world more accessible for your kid.

1) Stair lifts

Obviously, having a home with a second floor can make any disabled person’s life more difficult. Your child doesn’t have to be left out of using the stairs, and that’s why many medical companies offer stair lifts to install in your home. This allows your child to move up the stairs automatically while sitting down.

Many stair lifts are made for steps with no corners or turns, but companies like Jameson Medical also provide a curved chairlift to fit your lifestyle. No matter what kind of stairs you may have, you can make them easily accessible for your children.

2) Specialized mattresses

While most mattresses are firm and flat, there are more advanced mattresses that are softer and can even help transferring to a wheelchair in the morning easier! These mattresses can relieve pressure on the spinal cord and reduce any possible muscle spasms.

Even if your kid doesn’t need a new mattress, you can also install guardrails to make getting up and out of bed a breeze. They can even serve as support to lean on, in case your child does have some mobility. Be sure to install any mattress or guardrails correctly according to the instruction manual, and you will be good to go!

3) Wheelchair cup holders

Something as simple as putting a cup holder on your kid’s wheelchair can help them in the everyday. These can prevent spills, and allow your kid to drink comfortably any time they want! It will also allow them to be able to move and still have their drink, instead of putting the down to move or in their lap where it can easily spill.

4) Cell phone holder

In the same vein, having a cell phone compartment on the wheelchair can help with ease and convenience. Most kids these days have a cell phone that they are particularly attached to, so this wheelchair accessory will be well used and loved. Your kid won’t have to worry about reaching into a pocket in their pants or holding their phone in their lap where it can fall.

5) Wheelchair gloves

If your kid is able to push themselves in their own wheelchair, gloves are a must. These prevent tearing the skin on the hands or growing hard callouses. These gloves often come with or without fingers, but all of them are padded for protection. They even come adjustable, for growing children, and in fun colors for toddlers!

Make sure they also have hand sanitizer on them at all times, to keep germs from the gloves or from the wheels from transferring to their face. Even if they wear gloves, hands can accumulate dirt or just start to feel icky throughout the day.

Bottom Line

The most important thing about having a kid or a teen that uses a wheelchair is hearing their needs and helping them adapt. Always be watching for little ways to make their life easier, and they will surely appreciate it. These 5 accessories and tools for their chair and your home will help everyone in your family live easier!



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