Why You Should Make a Second Wedding Day Your Idea of ‘Special’

The formality of a traditional ceremony isn’t for everyone, we know – particularly when you’ve done all of that before.  If, like many other people, you’re planning wedding number two, it could be time to put your needs and preferences first.

And do something different….


A wedding just for the two of you

One option you might want to consider is to get married alone – well,not alone exactly; obviously there would be two of you!  This is a great idea if arrangements for your two families are just too complicated, for example – and you can always have a big party afterwards.

Why not choose a really unusual venue, if you plan to do this; a beach or even a forest for example – yes that is possible.  Or you could combine your wedding with a holiday to a special location you’ve visited together before.


Whatever you choose,  if it’s just the two of you who’ll be at the event, take the opportunity to pick a location you love.

If, however, the idea of a tiny wedding doesn’t appeal to you, or circumstances make that feel inappropriate, there are lots of other ideas to think about.  You could opt for a more traditional celebration, and include all of your relatives – or choose to do something completely different.

A themed family wedding 

If you both have young children, and you’re coming together as one family, perhaps you could go completely the opposite way to intimate and exclusive?  There are some great ideas out there for really fun themed family weddings that would be an ideal choice – in that case.

Maybe you could think about films, or characters, your kids love as a theme for your event – to help really bring everyone together, One failsafe idea for children, and pretty much everyone to be honest, is a Disney based theme.


You could just combine elements into your clothing or decor, go completely ‘full on’ – or even hold your event at a Disney theme park. Yes, that’s possible too.

Hire musicians to make your event really special

If you choose to have an intimate event you could consider hiring musicians to serenade you with your favourite songs as you take your vows or enjoy your wedding meal.

Or, if you go for a fun, family celebration you could hire a band to play your favourite music – and to fit your theme.  Here are two ideal options, whether you choose to do your own thing, or have a big celebration with all of your loved ones.

Some final thoughts on your special day

When you get married for the second time, we think it’s the moment to think about your own needs – ahead of any conventions.  So we hope this post has provided a few quick thoughts about how to make your next wedding day your idea of ‘special’.


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